Can't connect to internet unless using VPN

  ArtiLuca 18:18 04 Dec 2015

I want to apologize in advance for the long post.

I've been having some problems recently with my laptops internet connection. For some reason I can only connect to the internet if my VPN is activated (btw im using IPVanish). I have a desktop, Xbox and another laptop that all connect to the internet fine but for some reason my laptop has this problem. When I open Google Chrome and try to go on a website it gives me an error sayin that i was unable to connect to the internet. The second I connect to my VPN everything works just fine The strange thing, however, is that when i connect with this laptop at a hotel or someone elses wi-fi it works fine. My friend suggested formatting my PC as there might be a corrupted file but before trying that i wanted to hear your suggestions? Thank You

  Bailifei 05:40 08 Dec 2015

I'm having pretty much the same problem, but which is better than yours. It is the thunderbird, only can send emails when it is connected to VPN. Not sure if the VPN provider has done something?

  difarn 16:53 08 Dec 2015

Have you tried flushing the DNS cache?

All programs - accessories - command prompt - right click and choose "run as administrator" - in the window type ipconfig /flushdns

There is a space after the g and before the /

When this has been completed switch the wifi off and then on again.

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