Cant connect to internet on LAN

  Kitz E Kat 20:42 01 May 2003

Hi, i connected to the internet on 2000 using XP as the server and had no problems. However im now trying to connect 98se and NT4 to the internet using 2000 as the server over a LAN. When i go through the setup and mominate the LAN as the connection and complete this, i get ,Cannot find server, it seems not to attempt to use the modem on 2000 at all. What am i doin wrong,2000 is set up modem is working OK etc, i could with your help, thanks
Kitz E Kat

  The PC Doctor 20:56 01 May 2003

Firstly you need to make sure that your Win98 & NT PC's can see any shared folders/Drives on the Win2000 PC's. That your LAN is working correctly, get that sorted then worry about your WAN connections.

I run Win2000 now on all my PC's but used to run a PC with Win98 on the same LAN. The Win2000 PC could see the Win98 machine but not the other way round.

I think the main problem was with the different protocols. Win98 needs Netbuei whereas Win2000 doesn't.

You could try installing the Netbuei protocol on all PC's and see if that makes a difference. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work for me so went down the Router route - best thing I ever did!

ps I think that's how you spell NetBuei, but I could be wrong!

  Kitz E Kat 21:46 01 May 2003

Cheers Doc. I have made some progress, i found a setting in 2000 to enable computers on the network to use the connection i enabled this ( as you would !!!) and hey presto i now have 98 se ising the connection,have two different sites at the same time neat,,,, however i still cannot get NT 4 even though i have all the settings the same as 98 HELP.. yup i can see doc's and folders and can print etc on the networked computers.
Oh yeah,, when im finished on 98 with the internet how the hell do i disconnect as thisgs stand i have to go the the server and disconnect from there. Thats OK cos its only a few feet away, what if its not?? Sore Feet????
Thanks for your help

  The PC Doctor 23:37 01 May 2003

I seem to remember somewhere on one of these threads that there is a piece of software available to disconnect automatically. If not try setting up your modem connection on the modem PC to auto disconnect if no traffic detected.

If you have your network up and running I would suggest that you connect to the Internet on the Win2000 PC, navigate to a site and then use the connection wizard on the NT PC. Don't forget to enable the Auto detect setting. This way has never failed me yet - Windows seems to sort it's own connections out!

By the way I'm VERY impressed that you get the Win98 PC to talk to the Win2000 PC!

  hillybilly 01:15 02 May 2003

Hi Doc,
One of the most common reasons for not being able to see a w2k machine from from a win98se is because people forget to make sure they are a registered user on both machines. Login name and password. Kitz, this could also be your prob with the NT4 machine.

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