can't connect to the internet

  andrew-216448 21:35 11 May 2004

hi guys hope you could help me. i have a laptop running windows xp and connected to the net using BB. up intil last month i connect to the net without a problem. now all i get was cannot find server in both IE and netscape. i already tried system restore but to no avail. please help.

  howard60 21:50 11 May 2004

do you have a firewall running - it might have changed your settings and needs adjusting.

  andrew-216448 21:59 11 May 2004

no firewall connected

  andrew-216448 22:12 11 May 2004


  andrew-216448 22:44 11 May 2004

please help

  andrew-216448 22:44 11 May 2004

anyone outthere

  andrew-216448 22:45 11 May 2004


  howard60 22:49 11 May 2004

sorry been watching the tonight show with Jay Leno. did system restore take you back to a previous time or did it fail? if so it could be a virus infection stopping you getting on.

  andrew-216448 22:54 11 May 2004

system restore did took me back to a previous date which i thought the puter was working fine.

  Dan the Confused 22:57 11 May 2004

Is there anything you downloaded, ran, deleted etc before it stopped working?

  andrew-216448 22:59 11 May 2004


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