Cant connect to friend's IP on online game

  Viv-208691 12:26 31 May 2005

Hi guys, this is a bit of a weird one and I would be eternally grateful if anyone could help - I'm really pulling my hair out!!!

Ok, here goes:
My friend and I both have Age of Empires II which we like to play online against each other. Up until recently we have done so successfully. However, it can no longer be done since we don't seem able to connect properly (we can see each other in the game room but we cannot actually play). I feel the problem has something to do with my wireless 54G router, but I dont know how to fix it... In order to play this game online I have to turn on the DMZ function of the router (basically turns off a firewall I think). Up until recently (the exact same point as when we could no longer play AOEII online) if I left the DMZ ON and restarted my computer, the internet would not connect automatically - I would have to click connect on my router browser. Nowadays, despite the DMZ being on on startup, the computer connects to the internet straight away and for some reason I can now no longer connect to my mate!!!

It all seems a bit weird, I know, and I dont see any reason why having the DMZ on should prevent the internet from starting up anyway.

If anyone can offer ANY advice I'd be so so grateful since I really have no idea whats going on (as you can tell!!!)

We both use Win XP, however, I use broadband and he uses a 56k modem. I am able to connect to another friend of mine that uses broadband.

Thanks for your time, F.T,

  Viv-208691 13:28 31 May 2005

Anyone got any ideas please???


  Yoda Knight 14:33 31 May 2005

Do you still have the problem if you bypass the router ?

  Viv-208691 15:30 31 May 2005

Do you mean by turning firewall etc off or by simply using a normal modem?

  Viv-208691 15:31 31 May 2005

It works if I use a normal modem so must be something to do with router settings

  Viv-208691 16:40 31 May 2005

I can see other broadband users when playing - its only me friend on a 56k connection that I cant connect to. He can see me but I cant see him. Everyone else can connect to him Ok.

Any thoughts?

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