cant connect the 2 computers :(

  marniesmum 17:06 29 Dec 2006

we have 2 computers that run on a router all has been well since a couple of days ago,i rebooted my computer and when my computer turned back on,it couldnt connect it said,
limited or no connectivity,something like that,so i turned the router off for a minute and then turned computer back on and i was back online,thought nothing of it till hubby comes home from work and he turns his computer on and got the same message,so i turn my computer off and he turns his off,and i turn the router off again for a minute,he then puts his computer back on and its connected,i put my computer on and its not connected,we can no longer have 2 computers up and running,can anyone tell me whats wrong,i am going crazy trying sort this out :(

  mgmcc 20:07 29 Dec 2006

Personally, I would be inclined to "hard reset" the router back to the factory default settings and set it up again from scratch. It's a bit of a pain, but router operating systems, like any other "computer", can become confused and require a reboot to get them running properly again.

  marniesmum 21:43 29 Dec 2006

thanks for replying,im so cheesed off right now and must have this problem on about 10 diferent forums.

how would i do that with the router cos i just honestly do not have a clue,there is a reset button but it did nothing when i pressed it.

thank you for your reply

  mgmcc 22:24 29 Dec 2006

Have a look in the manual for instructions to perform a "hard reset".

Normally pressing the button briefly performs a "soft reset", which just restarts the router, but doing something like keeping it pressed for 10 seconds or until certain lights flash will "hard reset" it back to the factory settings. The procedure is different for the various models.

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