Can't configure Gmail imap with Outlook 2003

  warthog01 17:01 15 Jan 2008

Outlook setup seems to be fine. I've used the gmail guide. However whenever I try to access my imap folder in Outlook, I get a message (0X800CCC0E) telling me the server can't be accessed and is in offline mode.

Can anyone help me fix it?

  warthog01 18:42 15 Jan 2008

Thanks, Woolwell

So if the Gmail configuration guide says it should be but I'm on a company network I should use

  warthog01 21:53 15 Jan 2008

No joy, I'm afraid. I still get the "server can't be accessed; googlemail.imap is in offline mode."

  warthog01 22:10 15 Jan 2008


I lied! After the obligatory reboot, IMAP appeared with company smpt entered. Thanks!!

  warthog01 13:03 16 Jan 2008

Woolwell--if you're still out there, my elation was short-lived. Last night, all my gmail folders transferred over to IMAP, but absolutely nothing has happened since. When I attempt a send and receive in Outlook, I get errors on the last two tasks:
1. Checking for new mail in subscribed folders on Error: Unable to connect to the server
2.; folder: inbox check for new mail.Error: Unable to connect to the server.

Something obviously happened when I changed to, but it's stalled out now. Any further ideas?


  warthog01 21:56 16 Jan 2008

Hi again Woolwell

The settings all look good and I can connect directly to GMail without difficulty. What confuses me is the error message which advises no access to the server and is offline. I've been connected to the server either wireless or cabled all day long.

It shouldn't be this tough!

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