cant conect to the internet.

  DrLector 20:33 10 Nov 2003

i keep trying to get online but evey time the dile up box comes up and i press conect ,it just says - failed to connect to remote computer - unable to establish a connection.
my other pc works fine, also theres no dile tone nothing,
is my modem dead.
im running with supanet,win98 and my moden is old
(4/5) years

  A_World_Maker 20:55 10 Nov 2003

Have you checked the password and dialup number is correct? Do this (if you are using 98 or older) from the Connections Folder, or 'Start'....Settings....Network Connections in XP.. sorry dont know any others

  R4 20:56 10 Nov 2003

Probably your old modem has expired, if it cannot see the dial tone it will not attempt to do anything. .. It could be your cable, try changing it.

I assume that you are using the same phone socket on both computers.

  Kalb 20:58 10 Nov 2003

Initially make sure the computer is the sole connection to your phone plug....use the phone handset & plug into the socket above the phone connection to the modem on the back of the there a dial tone in the phone?
If so the problem is likely to be the modem or its connection to the computer
If there is no dial tone st the phone then the problem is the connection from the phone plug to the modem.

  A_World_Maker 20:59 10 Nov 2003

From memory... open Control Panel... click Modems.. select your modem... there should be a 'query' or 'diagnostics' option... this will check your modem... also try looking in the 'Devices' (System icon in control panel) and look to see if your modem is in the list, if it is, right hand click and select Properties.. to check its resources and that it is enabled.

It's a start

  Kalb 21:00 10 Nov 2003

sorry st read at !

  woodchip 21:44 10 Nov 2003

If you can plug a phone into the back of your modem try to see if you have a Dial Tone. Its a phone socket in the back not the Modem socket

PS they do not all have one, But test the line first with a phone

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