Can't conceive a personal use for OneNote

  wee eddie 14:12 13 Mar 2012

How do I disable it(turn it off), permanently.

Without deleting it from my Hard Drive, just in case I decide that it might have some kind of use

  BRYNIT 15:05 13 Mar 2012

If you are talking about OneNote auto starting with windows I think if you look in Start\all programs\startup you will find the OneNote icon, delete icon and OneNote will not auto start.

  sunnystaines 08:19 14 Mar 2012

i have a copy of one note 2003, never found a use for it could not even give it away. unistall it to stop it using the pc resources.

  sunnystaines 15:58 14 Mar 2012

beta never saw that option in 2003 version.

  HondaMan 12:26 19 Mar 2012

You do amaze me. I wouldn't be without it. Don't be put off or confused my Microsofts suggested uses. I use it for making notews of telkephone conversations, telephone numbers, items ordered online, all those little items you write on a piece of paper which you then promptly lose, in fact almost anything wehich you would otherwise have to write down.

before that I used a programme called "MemoryMate" in both DOS and Windows versions and EverNote which is my second favourite after OneNote, but that is only because OneNote comes with MS Office Pro

  HondaMan 12:28 19 Mar 2012

Forgot to mention, I also use it to keep copies of reviews from various websites. Makes it very easy to locate a review or indeed any information, e.g. screen resolutions, processor speeds and designations, both on tables copied using the snipping tool in Win7Pro

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