Can't charge my MP3 Player

  kwil2 18:58 11 Jun 2013

Hello... A few years ago,I bought an excellent little MP3 Player called 'Amethyst P-1'. I only used it a few times when travelling and then thought I'd lost it in a house move. It always worked perfectly and recharged without problem. Still looks like a work of art with its silver 'flying saucer' shape resting in a black stand! It has no internal memory and works off a 2Gb SD card. By chance, I came across it at last weekend, nestling in its original box, inside a another box (that's why it had eluded me, the little devil!!). It was stored in a cool place so no fluctuation of temperature that might affect recharge. However, no matter what I do I can't get it to recharge. It connects via USB-mini USB lead. I've tried various USB ports and used my own and a friend's computer, leaving the Amethyst for several hours each time. Also tried various USB leads - but still no joy. A little red light does come on to show it's recharging but when you come to play it...well... I can only guess the battery's gone, but the problem is there's just no way to open it up and replace it. It looks like a sealed unit. I thought I'd check the place where I originally bought it but they no longer sell it and couldn't suggest anything. So: am I right in thinking the battery's shot or can anyone suggest a 'miracle cure' to resurrect my little 'work of art'?? Many thanks

  kwil2 21:03 14 Jun 2013

Good news!... I remembered my camera came with and 'added' extra: a mains-USB lead charger and I thought I'd connect the Amethyst and everything one final go. Eureka!...My little work of art sprung into life after a few hours!...Sounds superb just as I remember it! I think the possible lesson to be learned for all MP3 players here (assuming you don't stick it in another box so you can't find it!)is: Even if you don't use it much, don't let the player discharge completely and leave it any length of time before at least checking. Came across this Chinese wholesaler who's still selling it, but unless you want a 500 piece order...well...Anyway here's the Amethyst pic...

Amethyst P-1

  kwil2 21:07 14 Jun 2013

By the way, check out the glorious Chinglish from the manufacturer!

  lotvic 21:38 14 Jun 2013

Glad you got it sorted, and their English is better than my Chinese.

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