can't change screen resolution or colours

  Andy.F. 20:04 26 Oct 2003

Hi you good folks. My buddy just installed WIN98 onto a new hard drive that was installed into his computer. Trouble is we can't get the settings to change from 640x480 and colours only give 2 or 16. The little slider that lets you change to 800x600 simply wont move and as I said only 2 or 16 colours are available...please, can anyone help. Thankyou all very much.....Andy

  agarm11 20:07 26 Oct 2003

Install your drivers for the Video card/on board graphics and that should sort it.

  R4 20:17 26 Oct 2003

Hope you re-installed all the other drivers you need like motherboard & sound etc.

  Andy.F. 21:04 26 Oct 2003

Not that I know of because there's no sound as yet. We were going to get drivers for that when we got this settings thing sorted R4. He dosen't have the origional install disks so how do we find out what soundcard and graphics card he has to aquire drivers please...sorry for my ignorance...thankyou..Andy

  agarm11 21:09 26 Oct 2003

Best bet is to look on the motherboard and find the make, model and revision number. And then download them from the manufactureres website.

  DieSse 21:26 26 Oct 2003

Download and run AIDA32 click here

This will tell you lots of things about the system, including, hopefully, details of the devices inside.

  Lionheart ♥ 21:29 26 Oct 2003

Had that problem when I was using Win98, booted into safe-mode and was able to change the resolution and colours from there. Then went back into normal mode, and was then able to choose the resolution and colors.
Hope this makes sense.

  Andy.F. 14:02 27 Oct 2003

Many many thanks everyone. I'll give all your tips a go and see how we get on...Andy

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