Can't change pdf default from US English

  Paul2008 08:28 29 Nov 2008

Word 2002. Have changed the language setting in Control Panel to English and when I open a new document the langauge is English.
When I import text from a pdf file then it always comes in US which means that I have to reset every document.
After cxhanging the language in Acrobat 6 to English UK, the seeting doesn't stay so that I have to change the language in every pdf imported text.
Any ideas how to get rid of this b***** US English?

  Technotiger 08:44 29 Nov 2008

Maybe you would get further with click here though I do not use it myself (I have PDF Converter Pro), Foxit is very well thought of by Forum members.

  Woolwell 14:09 29 Nov 2008

Acrobat 6 is fairly old now and you may want to upgrade.

How are you importing from pdf?

  Paul2008 16:33 29 Nov 2008

These are pdf's from the BBC (hopefully English!) and some American sites.
I can only imagine that the BBC Acrobat also uses the American default.
These can be files "on the Internet" or already downloaded.
Haven't upgraded because I don't want to buy the newer version and when I tried it, I prefered V6.
This isn't anything that I do regularly in bulk - just at the moment and I have almost finished the job.
Doing maybe 1 document a day is something I can live with.

  Woolwell 17:37 29 Nov 2008

Sorry but can you explain how you are importing the PDF files please.

  Woolwell 17:38 29 Nov 2008

Ignore my post just realised that you are using Acrobat I had misread as Reader.

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