Can't Change The Bus Speed Without Pc Freezing

  Dearersteak 19:08 21 Dec 2003

Hay All

have finaly finished putting this machine together after replacing the old faulty mother board. Have replaced with a Mother board kit from click here

I brough the 2400+ AMD kit. The CPU has a FSB of 266. But the Mobo comes set at 100Mhz by default. Every time i try to change it too 133, the machine seems to freeze, weather i do it via the BIOS or Fuzzy logic. As a result, its only coming up as 1800+ (1.50Ghz)

Any idea's?

  gold 47 19:27 21 Dec 2003

I bought the same kit so i don't know what you mean when you say 100MHZ by default mine was already set up at 133MHZ and ready togo took me about 15mins to install and works perfectly,why would you get sent a kit set at 100MHZ???

  bremner 19:35 21 Dec 2003

It is often the case that mobos FSB is set to 100Mhz as it is the safest thing to do (have them set at 166Mhz and install a 100Mhz Chip and its possibly goodbye chip.)

Dearersteak why your system freezes on setting the FSB to the correct setting is puzzling. Does the mobo have jumpers that can also set the FSB

  Dearersteak 19:40 21 Dec 2003

No, thats what caugh my attention. I have doubled checked, and the only way to change is either in the BIOS or in Fuzzy Logic. but in both cases, when i heit enter, it just locks up, and then reboot, and its back at 100Mhz

  bremner 19:42 21 Dec 2003

What mobo is it?

  Dearersteak 19:43 21 Dec 2003

MSI MS-6712 KT4 Motherboard

  bremner 20:00 21 Dec 2003

Just had a look at the manual and it clearly says the FSB is set at 100Mhz as default and to change it use the BIOS change facilitiy.

Sorry can't think of anthing other than a possible faulty board or BIOS, hopefully someone will have the answer.

  dfghjkl 20:17 21 Dec 2003

i have just set up my was set at 100 but i needed it at 166(out of 280)i had no could try clearing the cmos by the jumper then start again at 100 and nudge it up to 133 in the bios (not fuzzy logic)then save changes then should be a simple job so you are either doing something silly wrong or you have a problem with your board or cpu.was it a soak tested kit?

  gold 47 20:39 21 Dec 2003

If you go to FVC in the bios scroll down to it,it will show in red,just type your cpu speed but as i said my mobo was ready togo.

  Dearersteak 21:03 21 Dec 2003

Right... good news. Went Back into the BIOS, and had another go, and this time, it seemed happyer to take the new bus speed, and is now reading 2400+ at 2Ghz

Thanks Everyone!

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