cant burn holiday photos cd or dvd! how to do it?

  athenrye 15:53 30 Jul 2005

hi just came back from holiday got 100 on 256 sd card
want to burn photos onto cd or dvd as ive got both, when i do it i can view them on my computer but they wont play on my two dvd players
im using the xp system and a power to go burner both times
what am i doing wrong?
is it easy enough to do it, or is it my dvd players

  HXP 16:13 30 Jul 2005

They need to be in a format that can be read by your DVD player ( typically) .jpg if it is like mine.

There may also be a file size issue in that my original DVD would not play files over 500k as I presume the internal memory buffer was too small. My latest player(s) seem to be able to handle files >2 meg.

I just dumped the photos as jpeg's to the root of the DVD player and they displayed fine on a liteon 5045 & a Panasonic.

1 try as .jpg ( or check the format your DVD player accepts

2 Reduce file size if above does not work

Some software also allows you to save the photo's as a video file which the plays as a series of still frames displayed for X seconds ( Pinnacle does this) which you can pick up from EBAY at reasonable prices.

'How about turn all your old photo to a sliceshow in a DVD or VCD...SVCD and play it with your DVD player'
PINNACLE STUDIO PLUS 9(DVD+VCD+PhotoSliceShow Authoring £9 + p&P (Ebay item 5793399211).

Not guaranteeing the seller but the product is A+++++

Hope that helps


  €dstowe 16:16 30 Jul 2005

Picasa from Google has a slide-show program included where you can organise and write a show to CD to play on ordinary DVD players.

It's free, give it a go click here

  athenrye 16:20 30 Jul 2005

the files arent that big
ive got one cheap and one expensive player, none of them will play them, but they should be able to
is it because the files are in a folder?
id have thought xp or the dvd burner with it would be able to do it
seems to be what its for nowadays isnt it?

  athenrye 16:33 30 Jul 2005

hi ive downloaded and used picasso
the cd works great on my computer
wont work on the dvd players or the ps2
any other ideas
thanks for the help so far

  jack 17:57 30 Jul 2005

The pictures have to be sized for TV[which is very low REZ]
If Picassa wont do it
Then download click here
its rewe for a bisc version and £15 or so gets you a posher version by way of a release code
Once you have the hanf of the program you will disxcver that it will
a. -size photos
b Create slide shoes as small programs to run on a PC
Creade CD/DVD shows with sounds.

Moving onto Domestic DVD players - this is a whole new ball game Most will play JPEGS if burned onto
the disk in the root directory - IE not in a folder
Some will recognise a folder, some dont
There appears to be a huge variation in wehat these things can and cannot do.

  eedcam 18:19 30 Jul 2005

Have look at magix cd&photo 4 it'll do your slideshow on dvd costs £15 at click here itdoes cd- dvd- or the+'s loads of fades and sounds to play with.

  athenrye 18:30 30 Jul 2005

hi just been out at my mothers and the cd and the dvd i wrote wont play on her dvd either
the both work fine on the computer

if i buy the magix prog what garuntee will i have that that will work
isnt there an easy way to do this????
is there ever and easy way with computers....
if i get the pictures developed at boots they can do a cd at the same time
these sem to work on dvd no probs....
anybody any other idas
how do you do it for free????

  HXP 23:18 31 Jul 2005

Have you finalised the disk ? If not your DVD player won't play them ... PC would because it has the burning software on it.


  Kev.Ifty 23:27 31 Jul 2005
  jack 14:21 01 Aug 2005

You say your Mothers DVD player will not run the disc you have burned, but the PC will.
This is not unusual.
Whilst PC CD/DVD drives and the associated software wil recognise images

Domestic DVD players do not always do so.
Not withstanding what the labels say
1. there are many variations of the 'Firmware'[the chip] for domestic DVD's
Surprisingly many of the cheaper ones are better at it than the more sophisitcated models intended for movies.
Also the type of disc used to burn can be critical.
and last but least there seems to be no rules about, which type of disc[except perhaps the RW's in CD /DVD]will run in any particular player.
Try again with a different brand of disc.
last but not least as reccomended by me earlier
burn simply images not in a folder and download this-it is a really useful program -free for a basic version click here also try another burn soft ware such as CDburner XP pro 3 also free download

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