can't burn files to cdrw but cdr is ok

  robert01 21:29 07 May 2007

I have a problem with burning discs - I can put in a cdrw and view the files that I previously burned onto it last month, but if I try to copy new files to that cdrw or to a fresh blank one it fails.

It goes through the wizard and ejects the disc at the end but afterwards there are no files on the disc. Right clicking on the disc and viewing properties shows the disc has no data on it, the drive looks ok in device manager, the properties tab of the drive has the ticked box that says enable copying. What is even more odd is that I can view and burn cdr discs. It is not a problem with a batch of discs either because I bought some new ones today and the problem remains.

I am at a loss - any help would be most appreciated.

Acer Laptop / Windows XP

  Totally-braindead 21:39 07 May 2007

You're better creating a multisession disk and just using a CDR not CDRW, keep adding files till the disk is full then close it. I have found CDRW unstable and easily corrupted and considering the price of CDRs now I don't use CDRW at all any more.

  robert01 11:45 15 May 2007

Anyone else got any ideas ? I phoned ACER and they said to reset it back to the factory settings which I would rather not do. Everything was working ok until recently so could it be a driver issue ?

  Totally-braindead 13:46 15 May 2007

Don't see how it could be a driver issue as windows uses a default CDROM driver regardless of whether its a CDROM or a CD Writer.
In case its a corrupt windows file you could try system file checker, this will check for corrupt windows files and repair them, you will need your windows disk fot this but it will not disturb any other files click here
You could also try deleting the CDROM from device manager and restarting your PC, this will reload the standard windows driver when the computer sees it again.
Also worth considering is deleting and reinstalling your CD burning software in case theres something wrong with that.

  Stuartli 14:13 15 May 2007

CD-R disks have a much greater level of reflectivity than CD-RW disks (due to the requirement for the rewritable disk to be able to be reused)).

I do as Totally-braindead suggests and use CD-R/DVD-R disks in multisession form until they are full.

However, it is very important (at least with Nero) to ensure that you Save each multisession mode each time otherwise you may/might not be able to read the file(s) it contains. Finalise the disk prior to commencing the last multisession burning.

  Totally-braindead 14:37 15 May 2007

I've had CDRW disks that wouldn't burn, disk that would burn that I couldn't read a month later, disks that failed all the time etc etc. Thats why I don't use them.
My experience of them is that they are even less reliable than floppies and I've had a few of them fail over the years.
You want to carry on using them then fine I hope the advice I gave above helps but don't rely on them as eventually they will fail and if you're using them for backup you'll lose the info.
I have an external hard drive and use CDRs for backup and DVDR as well. The RW disks are not reliable enough.

  robert01 12:22 05 Jul 2007

Now CDR discs are not burning ! I can read CDR + CDRW discs created earlier but cannot burn new ones. I am using the normal Windows XP wizard for photos, letters etc and yesterday tried I-Tunes to copy across some music - the CDR disc is ejected at the end of the process but once again like the CDRW disc it contains no info. I am no expert on the technology but if the drive can READ a disc it should be able to BURN it also, shouldn't it ?

  Totally-braindead 12:55 05 Jul 2007

Not necessarily. I believe they have seperate lasers for burning and reading. Could be wrong with that but thats what I think is the case.
Delete the CD drive from device manager and restart your PC, windows will load the default driver again and then see what happens.
Personally I use Nero 6 for all my burning and normally I would suggest deleting and reinstalling that but I'm unsure as to how you delete and reinstall windows own burner so I'll have to leave it to someone else to clarify.
It is possible the drive has failed, the problems you had earlier MIGHT have been a sign the drive was starting to fail. All you can do is reinstall all drivers software etc and see if that makes a difference.

  robert01 13:42 26 Oct 2007

Update for anyone who stumbles across this - the problem was caused by dust on the laser, I put a cd cleaning disc in the drive and all was ok. There was me thinking it was a drivers or software issue - as is often the case the answer is not always a complicated one. Thanks to everyone for your help.

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