Can't Browse Web Pages .... DNS ???

  technophobe!!! 12:46 14 Nov 2004


I am running Windows XP + SP2 and Win 2000 on a number of PCS and seem to have a very annoying problem.

The PC's are connected to the Web via a Sonicwall Firewall and a Efficient (BT) ADSL Router.

This combination has worked relable for some years, but more recently a problem has arrissen upon which I can find no sollution.

I choose to browse a web page and I appear to get the DNS ok, ( as indicated by the unfo at the bottom of the browser) but then no page is displayed ........ sometime it is displayed if I do one of the following :

1. Click Page Refresh
2. Click the "go" Icon
3. Click the "Back" Icon

At other times it works fine for long periods.

I even installed a DNS caching program (Simple DNS) incase it really is an Issue with DNS look up (in case it was slow DNS lookup) - seems to work "for a while" then problem returns -

At other time pages load and are dislayed almost immediately.

I have McAfee AV & Ad-Aware's Ad-Watch Running, but I can't identify and special problem with them.

Any thought, Idea, Remedies would be much appreciated.


  ACOLYTE 14:31 14 Nov 2004

Are both firewalls on windows one and the sonic 1 it may be one of those that is causing the trouble.You could try looking in the Event viewer for clues as to why it failed.

  technophobe!!! 15:06 14 Nov 2004

Both Firewall where On (XP nags if not)

I will run it for a while with XP F/W turned off and see if there is a change.

As a note I am trialing "SimpleDNS" to see if this helps speed DNS searches up, well yes it does, but the "internittency" remains.

The curious thing is that the "intermittency is not all of the time, I can go for an hour and web browsing is lightening fast, then quite suddenly web pages don't load and this may go on for a few minutes or an hour then just as quickly it is OK again. Very wierd. (during all of this time the ADSL speed is near its maximum)

This happens on both XP & Win2k PCs.

So I am just not sure where to look next, The PCs, the S/W, the Router / Firewall or the Internet.

Accessing some website ie. those supplied by the ISP (Pipex) are always lightening fast. But others vary between V-fast and wait 2 mins - Ebay is a prime example, Google is variable but better than e-bay, and others vary.

But if I access these from say the works corporate network rarely have the long wait from DNS lookup to loading the pages.

Also the pages often load if I do one of the following:

Click the "Go" icon again,
Click the "Page Refresh"
Click the "BACK" Icon ..... this is Odd !!!

This seems to imply a PC / SW issue - where as the previous schenario suggests the Web.


  dagwoood 15:38 14 Nov 2004

You shouldn't have two firewalls running at the same time, as this invariably causes conflicts/problems.

The xp firewall isn't up to much, so I'd stick with just running another one. To stop xp nagging that one isn't running, just go into security centre and select "Change the way Security centre alerts me" and you can stop it from alerting you that you don't have a firewall running.

By the way, thank you for the post on my thread, but my connection problem is only with this site, I don't have any problems accessing other sites, so I don't think it's the same type of problem you're experiencing.

Cheers, dagwoood.

P.S.Is your router firewalled because as I understand some are(maybe they all are, but I've never used one so don't really know that much about them).

  technophobe!!! 10:51 30 Nov 2004

Hi Guys,

Sorry it's been a few days, been kinda busy.

Have run with just the single firewall (Actually my router died so I had to replave it so things changed a bit since before)

So it was possible the Router was playing up prior to dying completely. As a part of this I descovered that I may not have been looking at an optimal DNS server (the router found a local one). Things did seem better for a while, but now I am not sure !!!!

I did try running a copy of "Simple DNS" and things did improve significantly - unfortunately it was a 14 day trial, now expired, and I need to pay to keep using it. ;-( ...... but maybe worth it.

Otherwise my conclusion is that the main DNS servers get corrupted or are slow.

E-bay is by far the worst and can take several atempts to get to first page or the login page.

Other sites are immediate all the time.

So I'm not sure what to try next .....


  dagwoood 22:13 01 Dec 2004

technophobe!!!, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I've only just noticed you had added to your thread.

If you don't want to pay for "Simple DNS" there's a free piece of s/w that does the same thing( your own DNS server).

Its called FastCache and is available from here click here

I haven't used it in quite a while but when I did, it was free of adware/spyware. If you do decide to give it a try, check out the links at the bottom of this page to correctly change the network settings for FastCache to work click here

HTH, dagwoood.

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