Can't boot XP laptop - even from disk

  AWARD2001 13:38 04 Oct 2008

I can't boot my laptop (HP Pavillion dv5000) even by inserting the OS (XP Home) disk. I get to a BSOD stating PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA. I have tried reseating the RAM and nothing has been recently reinstalled. Trying to boot in safe mode/last known good also doesn't work - I get to the same BSOD.
I have run a hard drive test from the BIOS which passed. No extra RAM fitted since purchase - processor is AMD Turion 64.
Does anyone have any ideas? I dont mind doing a clean reinstall as I am fully backed up but can't get to this stage.

  rickf 14:00 04 Oct 2008

Just a thought. Try setting the bios to boot from CD as 1st option then insert CD.

  Terry Brown 14:13 04 Oct 2008

If you have a floppy drive (or can borow a USB floppy drive), goto click here (bootdisk) and download the boot disk program for your computer. You will need up to 6 floppy the progam to create the floppy disk files, then re-boot from floppy.
Put the XP CD in the drive when requested and let it continue to load, until you get to the Blue screen (terms and Conditions)press F8 the ESC, this give you various options to repair, format or re-partition, your drive.
If it is a software problem this will cure it, but if it is hardware, you will have a non-functioning machine.
Be Careful.


  MarvintheAndroid 16:18 04 Oct 2008

Found this on the net. Can't take any credit.

"Although this error is certainly a memory component error, there are times that not even replacing the mem will allow you to re-install WinXP, since the apparent error is determined to stay at the hard drive level.
After 3 days of wrecking my brain (of course I had already decided to lose all my data and do a full re-install), and after continous searching in MS sites as well as in this Forum and others, and trying umpteen solutions and not having any success, the simplest of solutions arrived at this old tech's head.
If like me, when you try to re-install after repeatdly receiving this error, and WinXP goes thru the motions, but after the EULA and pressing F8, for no apparent reason the pc restarts, if this behavior goes on, I found that setting BIOS to boot only from the Floppy and inserting my old Win98 boot floopy, will allow you to Fdisk the drive, after it is done, without formating, insert the WinXP cd, and restart, change your BIOS settings to boot from the CDRom and this will allow you to format and install to a clean drive. Make sure when the options come you re-install using an NTFS installation."

  baldydave 16:27 04 Oct 2008

most likely ram problem.
download memtest86 from here
click here
go to free download on left/download iso zip/unzip iso file/burn image to cd(important dont drag,drop and burn you must select burn iso or burn image).
Set bios to boot from cd run memtest,then check for errors,allow at least 1 full test

  AWARD2001 12:09 05 Oct 2008

Thanks for the help - I have run memtest and it has found loads of errors - but what do I do now to fix them?
I have an iMac and a vista laptop that can be used in the process if this helps - also a hard drive copy - can I boot from that?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:40 05 Oct 2008

First try removing and refitting the memory sticks them retry memtest. (better if you n on one stick at a time).

If the stick still shows errors then the best thing is to renew it.

  AWARD2001 13:25 05 Oct 2008

Thanks but have sorted the problem - I removed one of the RAM modules and now works fine so must be faulty...

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