Can't boot from xp disk after reformatting HD

  Tonycooper3 23:27 28 Nov 2004


I've just successfully reformatted the hard disk on a friends PC and am trying to perform a clean install of XP.

Having rebooted (with a windows 98 start-up disk), I selected 1 to start the machine in dos 'WITH CD rom support' and am then returned to the command prompt.

my CD drive is E, so I put the XP disk in the drive and type e:setup.exe, but I just get a message saying 'bad command'. When I try the windows 98 second edition disk in and type e:setup.exe it iednetifies it immediately and starts trying to install - what's going on? Any ideas on how do I sort it?

Cheers in advance


  Strawballs 23:33 28 Nov 2004

Set the bios to boot from cd first then put the disk in the drive and reboot then follow instructions

  Tonycooper3 23:42 28 Nov 2004

It's an old system and doesn't have an option to boot from CD in the bios.

  Tonycooper3 23:43 28 Nov 2004

It's an old system and doesn't have an option to boot from CD in the bios. In any case, if that were the problem, the windows 98 disk would not boot.

  dan 11 23:45 28 Nov 2004

As there is no operating system on the hard drive, you may get away with just inserting the XP disk in the cdrom. It should boot from there. If it does not then you will have to do as Strawballs says and set the boot order in the bios.

Do not use the win98 start up disk as this uses dos and the XP installation cannot be started from this.

  dan 11 23:50 28 Nov 2004

Quote "It's an old system and doesn't have an option to boot from CD in the bios."

Do you know the make and model number of the motherboard?

  AndySD 23:51 28 Nov 2004


Where X is the letter of the cd drive.

  Tonycooper3 00:02 29 Nov 2004

Hi Andy,

I've just read some stuff about this i386 and I'm not sure I understand it entirely, but have a hunch that may be the answer - I'm going to give it a try tomorrow - I need the XP disk in the drive when I do that right? (as opposed to the windows 98 disk?)

Dan - as I mentioned it boots from the Windows 98 CD fine, so surely it is already configured to boot from the CD rom drive?

  AndySD 00:13 29 Nov 2004

Boot with the 98 floppy and choose 'WITH CD rom support' at the command prompt (and as you say with the XP cd in the drive) type in


and hit Enter.

There is no setup.exe on the XP cd the winnt.exe does this job and its in the i386 directory.

  Rtus 00:17 29 Nov 2004

The win98se startup disk sets up the cd drivers for you to select the win98 installation thats why it works with should be able to run installation for w98 then add Xp later Im suprised the old system doesnt offer boot from Cd in the Bios advanced options ( if so it may very well be too old to function well with Xp especially if the CDR is controlled from sound card ide port?? )

  Tonycooper3 21:32 29 Nov 2004


AndySD - called my friend and he tried that e:\i386\winnt.exe thing, but it had no visible effect - just returned to the e prompt.

Any ideas?


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