Can't boot won't boot

  Indigo 1 13:25 20 Dec 2003

OK here we go again!

I am trying to install a known good HDD with perfect working OS (XP) into a new PC but can only boot into safe mode .. why is this ?

Is there any way I can do it without formatting and re-installing win XP Pro ?

I have tried using the recovery console without success and have also tried Auto System Recovery, still no luck.

Any suggestions please. (apart from the obvious)


  powerless 13:27 20 Dec 2003

Because you are missing the important drivers for the new hardware.

Best bet is to reinstall.

...and as it XP you cannot stick it into another computer, Product Activation will say so.

  Indigo 1 13:35 20 Dec 2003

Would a re-installation damage or corrupt any of my other files on that drive ? ie. could I leave all other stuff in place and just re-install the OS ? I have about 40 gig of stuff that I don't want to have to save and manually put back.

I have made a full backup just in case (shadow copy) but even they are not idiot proof.

  powerless 13:46 20 Dec 2003

You could try a Repair installation.

But as i have said it will not work because of WPA.

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