Cant boot up windows xp

  helpmeplz12 01:43 27 Jul 2014

Hello if you can help me i would be very thankful. I started to do a fresh install of window XP same copy that was previously on there. The computer got turned off while in the middle of doing the reinstall. When booting up from the harddrive it tells me Miss window/system32/config/system. I have xp cd but when i boot from the xp cd once i hit any key at the bottom it tells me to hit f6 for oem hit f2 for recovery... if you dont hit anything it does some loading files once it says setting up windows... i get a blue screen message 7b 0xf78d663c 0x00000034 I can get to the screen where it says r for recovery f3 for install... I cant run safe mode. I tried to take the harddrive out the boot process. I cant find any solution that helps Thank you for your time

  BillSers 08:47 27 Jul 2014

Was it manually turned off during the process or did it do it itself?

Make and model?

  alanrwood 08:59 27 Jul 2014

Boot from a boot CD/DVD/USB and reformat the hard drive completely by deleting all the partitions except the recovery partition (If your computer has one although from your post it appears not as you are trying using disks).

Then try the reinstall from scratch, the install disk should recreate the ability to repartition and format the drive during the process. Make sure you set the boot options to boot from the CD/DVD/USB or look for the key to press to select Boot Order as soon as the computer start up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:04 27 Jul 2014

Agree as its a fresh install start again and format the drive before installing

xp clean install

  helpmeplz12 16:39 28 Jul 2014

Thank you all Dell optiplex 330. I do not have the driver CD, I could try to download it. I didn't know if i could download drivers from a cd with out command promp or windows. I believe my brothers son turned it off but its a mystery...

  lotvic 17:29 28 Jul 2014

It could be picking up the install from where it left off.

F6 Sounds like it's asking for the SATA driver on floppy maybe.

Dell optiplex 330 - are you using a Dell re-install CD?

  lotvic 17:36 28 Jul 2014

I've got a Dell XP CD that I slipstreamed with SP3 if it will help. Could send you free of charge.

(If MechKB 2 can stop laughing at the PM green envelope farce LOL)

  helpmeplz12 17:50 28 Jul 2014

Optiplex 330 is the type of dell computer. But i cant even reinstall because before windows even ask how i would like to reinstall. i get a blue screen. So there for i cant even get an option to reformat the HDD. If some1 could tell me how to get dell drivers and install the drivers without using windows that might fix my problem. Thank you all i know i might be a little annoying

  helpmeplz12 18:37 28 Jul 2014

No i cant fine the dell driver cd i only have a copy of xp cd.

  helpmeplz12 18:48 28 Jul 2014

MEckb you seem to b a very bright fellow.. and yes it is the optiplex 330 the disk is clean not a scratch. If i was to buy a new harddrive do you think the problem would still fail to install?

  helpmeplz12 18:49 28 Jul 2014

I really hate to be waist-full like that but what can i say i am an American :)jk...

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