can't boot up into OS

  vinnyo123 14:40 01 Mar 2004

Was running WIN ME and WIN 2000 server (studying)
on a dual boot (HDD partioned).Decided to repartion the whole drive for Win 2000 server(big mistake).Partitioned with partition magic move Win 2000 over and deleted WIN me partition.Did this in one shot (which probably was the mistake)anyways PC will not boot up into anything.

Here's where I am at,PC boots up does a POST and goes through RAM test twice before hits ok.Then Bios sees hard drive but comes up with error NTLDR missing (Which is OS image bootup)I tried bootin up with WIN ME and WIN 2000 CD but still no go error (disk boot failure,insert disk and press enter.

I check in BIOS and in IDe HDD auto dection
seems to see thre partition so I set it to the one with normal mode ,no go then trie d the others no go.

BOOT sequence is set to CDROM,C,A

BIOS is award software inc. v4.51pg

Now any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am really a network person and taking a crash course here in A+ LOL.IF I left out any information you need feel free to ask.It is 9:30 am here and I need to get this up because my LAN is down.I know there has to be something simple to fix his.

I hope all the regulars are here today LOL

  vinnyo123 14:42 01 Mar 2004

I have two OS cd's WIN ME and WIN 2000
and looking for XP to try.

Thanks again

  anon1 15:53 01 Mar 2004

You need to change the boot sequence to floppy first in the bios then you need a windows 2k boot disk click here if you dont have one (might be 2)

  anon1 15:55 01 Mar 2004

link straight to it click here
and there are 4 of them

  fuzzyone 16:00 01 Mar 2004


have a look here. click here

  vinnyo123 20:10 01 Mar 2004

Yes I used a win 98 boot floppy,and was able to boot .Ran with cd support and installed server in MSDOS through CD suuport.Used MSDOS to run setup folder in WIN server which took awhile to figure out but all seems good know .Thanks for the help.Just checking on settings and drivers.I'll post back if any problems come up.

  vinnyo123 17:07 05 Mar 2004

ok back to square on.I cannot get pc to boot from cd rom or floppy coming up with disk error

  anon1 17:34 05 Mar 2004

Is that hard disk error? Can you boot into sfae mode? set the boot sequence to a first but do not put a floppy in. Then reboot and try safe mode (hit f8 at the beep)

  vinnyo123 21:04 05 Mar 2004

no its was a hard disk error .now can boot to cd rom and get win 2ooo server to sart but get stuck in miidle off installing.reformates then restarts then back to ntldr missing with blinking heart red cloor and green thing weird stuff.

  vinnyo123 23:13 05 Mar 2004

win 2000 loads files needed and says there is OS file on HDD do I want to delete it or keep and use new one tried both ways no luck after loads files completes restarts and again no ntdl.tried reformat obtion no luck.and wont boot with floppy
either trie 98 boot and win 2000 floppies.any more ideas.loosing patients

  vinnyo123 23:18 05 Mar 2004

now trying a partition of 12G instead of the14G to see if it would install without seeing other system file

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