Can't boot HP Desktop Please Help!

  CharlesKerr 12:32 20 Aug 2014

I wonder if you could help me with an issue that I am having with a HP P6-2371EA desktop PC. When I press the on button the power light flashes orange for a second and all of the fans switch on temporarily for a second and then everything switches off, it won't boot at all. There is a solid green light on the rear of the PC next to the PSU. I only once managed to get the PC staying on for a few minutes with the fans running but even then there was no output onto the monitor and no lights flashing on the PC.

I have tried many things including resetting the CMOS with little joy and I'm getting annoyed that I cannot fix this issue I'm having, unfortunately and annoyingly it's just a few weeks out of warranty so the HP team have been unable to assist me at all.

Please could you help me in any way you possibly can to help this issue be resolved because I don't want to pay to have my important and needed PC fixed because it's just outside the warranty (which I was upset to have found to only have been a year), and now it breaks on me!

  onthelimit1 15:06 20 Aug 2014

If everything switches off after a few seconds, it does sound like the PSU. If the PC is a standard size, the PSU is cheap to replace and easy to swop a new one temporarily to prove the fault (takes quite literally a couple of minutes).

  bumpkin 16:53 20 Aug 2014

Unlikely but I have encountered this where a damaged USB port was shorting and tripping out the PSU.

  alanrwood 18:04 20 Aug 2014

If the above does not yield results then open the computer and disconnect everything from the motherboard except the PSU and the keyboard. Connect the monitor to the onboard video connector. Boot up and try during the POST to enter the bios to set the default video to onboard. If it still does not display anything try again without the keyboard.

If it still does not show an initial POST display I would try a different PSU. If that does not work you have a duff motherboard and I would then be approaching HP for a replacement in that it was an inherent fault and was not of merchantable quality.

If you do get a display then re-insert each device until the fault shows again and thus identify the whereabouts of the problem.

You might even find that the problem is solved by the reinserting of the plugs and sockets themselves as the process completes.

  CharlesKerr 20:22 20 Aug 2014

I will note that today I managed to get the pc running after the initial usual second until it fails although there was no display onto the monitor but power was coming from the USB ports and to the cd drive but no lights on the front of the pc and no noise from the motherboard.

Also alanrwood nothing is connected, do you mean I should remove the RAM and processor etc as well?

I have a feeling it might be the CPU because surely (at the one time I have got things running: cd drive, fans + power to the ports) the fans and power to the USB ports wouldn't work if the motherboard or the PSU was faulty?

I left it running like that for about an hour and it didn't turn off, but after I switched off and tried to turn on again it went back to its usual failing and switching off after a second...

Thanks for the suggestions so far and I welcome with the new information any more anyone may have!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:50 20 Aug 2014

sounds like a failing PSU

substitution is the only real way of proving it.

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