Can't boot to desktop after latest MS updates

  Evolution 14:11 10 Jun 2010


Have an HP laptop (Vista) which was working perfectly until this morning.

Latest MS updates were then automatically installed and Laptop shutdown automatically as normal.

Came home, booted up and cannot get to the desk top. Screen is grey. Have tried booting in safe mode but have the same result.

Any ideas?


  Taff™ 14:19 10 Jun 2010

Can you get into safe mode?

  birdface 14:21 10 Jun 2010

Maybe try the old remedy and remove the battery and the power connector hold the on switch down for 30 seconds.
Put everything back together and try again.
Worth a try I suppose.

  birdface 14:22 10 Jun 2010

Afternoon Taff you on the bottle or not got your glasses on today.

Have tried booting in safe mode

Gotcha. Roy

  Evolution 14:36 10 Jun 2010

No joy I'm afraid.

Just hangs at a grey screen and the same after trying safe mode.

Absolute nightmare as my daughter is in the middle of her GCSEs and is using the laptop for revision purposes.

Very fraught atmos in the household!!

  birdface 14:49 10 Jun 2010

Could do with Taff popping in again he has helped me a few times before.
Not got a clue myself grey screen on both modes Maybe A bad graphics update from Microsoft.
I was going to say try another monitor but as you are getting the grey screen it must be working.
Most HP's have a recovery button.F10 or F11 but I would not try that unless someone tells you.
maybe it has reset the BIOS to start from another drive but only guessing.
Best waiting for taff or someone else to give you the help that you need.

  Taff™ 15:52 10 Jun 2010

OK, I was rushing! Got me glasses and put the pop away! The screen goes grey which would suggest when you hit the power on button something happens. Can you hear fans working or the hard drive spinning up to speed? If so it would suggest a graphics problem, LCD backlight/inverter failure or a BIOS failure. (Do you see the BIOS Post screen before it attempts to get into windows?

Can you try an external monitor on the laptop to see if that shows anything? Also give me the HP model as well.

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