Can't boot from CD

  s99Raj 10:24 30 Apr 2005

I have a Pentium III Packard Bell.
I'd like to load XP Home on it by booting it from the XP CD and formatting it, etc.

The only problem is that when I go to the BIOS (by pressing F2 on startup) there is absolutely no option in any of the menus to change the boot order. This is the first computer I've ever come across with no boot option.

So is there any other way?

  bremner 10:52 30 Apr 2005

Make a Windows 98 boot disk with CD rom support from click here and use that

  s99Raj 10:56 30 Apr 2005

OK - fine so now I can boot from floppy and format the hard drive.
Then what?
I suppose I could go to the I386 folder and type winnt.exe maybe.
I'll try that.

  bremner 11:02 30 Apr 2005

No you boot from the floppy awith the CD in the drive. You will then be able to type at the command prompy E: (assuming E is the CD drive)

Then at the D prompt type setup and XP's set up process will start allowing you to format / partition prior to loading

  bremner 11:04 30 Apr 2005

Soory last line should say:

Then at the E prompt etc

  s99Raj 23:24 02 May 2005

I tried "setup" but it tells me that this command is not available in DOS.

When I try winnit.exe I come up with the need to load SmartDrive. The microsoft knowledgebase is pretty useless in its explanation (or at least I think it it is) as to how to resolve this. Where exactly do I get this program called Smartdrv.exe, if at all? What exactly do I do after I've started up with the Windows 98SE floppy?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:03 03 May 2005

download XP boot disks(6) from click here

boot from these to be able to run the CD rive and run setup from your CD.

  woodchip 00:11 03 May 2005

Your CD drive letter will not be the same when you use the Win98 boot disc if it was D:\ it will be E:\ and so on. it moves up by one letter as the boot disc creates a temporary Ram drive. and uses the CD drive letter. To change letter just type like F: not F:\ then you can type dir if it's the right letter you have got you will see the CD folders and files then after you get the Drive letter type Setup and press enter

  DieSse 01:12 03 May 2005

Follow Fruit Bat /\0/\ recommendation, and get proper WinXP startup diskettes. You will then be able to format to NTFS, which is better than FAT32.

  David4637 23:10 03 May 2005

bremner - I tried your suggestion using the Bootdisk web site for making an XP CD using a w98se floppy - my XP PC has no floppy drive. I created a XP CD, but it has no files on the CD? Could you please explain why? Thanks David

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