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Can't Boot to BIOS with my Windows 10 Desktop PC

  SimonBWFC 11:02 11 Jul 2020

My Windows 10 PC which is about 5 years old (can't tell you what spec but it is on an Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 motherboard) and has a SSD drive and two other disc drives. Periodically the PC gets the blue screen of death and generally starts after Microsoft release a major update. The BSOD can be as often as 10 times in a day, some times none (rarely) and I'd typically say 3 times a day.

Following the BSOD I get a black screen and it says something about disconnecting external drives but basically I have to enter the BIOS because the boot sequence has been changed from where the BIOS would normally go to the SSD drive, very occassionally the SSD wouldn't even show, I'd have to hold the start button in again and access the BIOS again until the SSD reappears.

Today I thought sod it I'll reset Windows 10 as there were errors on the event log (which I don't have a clue about). The PC did a BSOD but this time I can't get to the BIOS at all. Just a black screen when I try and boot.

I've tried removing the CMOS battery and leaving for 30 mins and trying again, still nothing.

Is my motherboard goosed? What else could I try?

If the PC is likely to be dead can I use the old drives where I backed up info to as external hard drive to my laptop?

Kind regards


  x13 11:31 11 Jul 2020

Change the CMOS battery is the first thing I'd do.

  SimonBWFC 11:41 11 Jul 2020

Battery was replaced perhaps 12 months ago but my wife is picking another as we speak.

  SimonBWFC 13:16 11 Jul 2020

Batter changed no improvement.

  SimonBWFC 14:37 11 Jul 2020

Precautionary I've ordered a USB to IDE/SATA drive kit so I can access photos and documents if needs be.

Thankfully I duplicate the important stuff on to two drives so I shouldn't have lost much if anything.

Time build a new PC me thinks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:53 11 Jul 2020

Make widows boot media from MS click here see if it will boot from that


  SimonBWFC 15:12 11 Jul 2020

Sadly I don't even get to the Bios starting. I've just read a little about POST (power on self test) and I guess it is failing at this point.

  x13 12:00 12 Jul 2020

Have you tried the second BIOS?

  SimonBWFC 17:06 12 Jul 2020

Hi Yes I as a last ditch I followed a video about shorting out the main bios to use the backup, sadly still nothing.

If I try and put a positive spin on it, I've had it 5+ years, in general it has served me well and some of the components will get used in a new PC.

I've spotted a Ryzen 7 2700x setup (which will be a fair bit faster) at a decent price... sub £600, so not to unhappy!

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