cant boot up

  turnip 60 22:29 11 Nov 2004

Can someone please help.
I have an 80Gb hard drive and windowsXP pro. installed on it. I tried to partition it using partition magic but i have messed up bad. Now my PC wont boot up . i have used a win98 Startup disk and formatted the drive and reinstalled XP but when i try to reboot i have to use the startup floppy and go through the installation process again. The Drive that Windows is installed on was 'C' but its now 'J'.
can anyone help .

  Mark-323050 22:38 11 Nov 2004

I think your going to need the help of Partition Magic support click here or an engineer in your locale - have a look in your Yellow Pages.

  dan 11 23:04 11 Nov 2004

Try using your windows 98 boot floppy.

Start the computer with the floppy in the drive and see if it boots from it. If it does, then pick start with cdrom support and let it load to a:
Enter fdisk

a:\ fdisk

and pick y for large disk support.

Now go to option 4. What partitions on the drive does it list?

  turnip 60 23:18 11 Nov 2004

many thanks dan11
I will try that and let you know Later the outcome.

  turnip 60 00:02 12 Nov 2004

Hi dan11, Partition 1 Non-Dos 15665 100%
partition 2 NTFS 29283 100%
partition 3Ext Dos 31369 100%

Taotal space 10781Mb

Is it possible to unpartition the HD ?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:11 12 Nov 2004

Didn't you make 2 rescue disks for PM as you installed it. It does ask if you want to make these?...TT

  dan 11 00:23 12 Nov 2004


If it was me I would boot from the XP disk and start the installation again. Because the partitions are in NTFS format. The XP setup will give you the option of deleting the partitions.

Set the computer to boot from cdrom and pop the XP disk in the cdrom. Start the computer up.

This is a screen shot of 2000, but they are both the here

On the first screen, shown above, press enter to start the XP installation. Then on the 3rd. screen shot, pick the option to delete the partition. Now you should have at least 3 partitions showing, so delete the lot. You will have to do this one at a time. When you have deleted them all you will get an option to use the un-partitioned space.

Now you have the option either to use the full 80gig disk or partition the disk now. If you want to use the full disk with no partitions the select the highlighted amount. If you wish to have the drive segmented then pick the size you wish the C drive to be. I would suggest 10gig minimum and 20 gig maximum. It does not matter about the extended partition ( D plus drives ) as these can be created in windows later.

Pick the C drive to have your copy of XP installed on. The rest of the installation should be easy.

If you decide to partition the hard drive into smaller units then let us know when windows is loaded so we can tell you the easy way to create the new partitions.

Good luck:-)

  turnip 60 00:49 12 Nov 2004

Many thanks dan11.
i will do that and get back to my original 80GB

  turnip 60 02:50 12 Nov 2004

dan 11
thanks very much for your assistance .my PC is now back to normal thanks to you

  dan 11 17:34 12 Nov 2004

Pleased to see you have your drive back and functioning well.:-)

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