Can't Backup to my CD-RW

  TommyRed 12:13 22 Apr 2003

Having just spent all morning using scandisk and defrag, plus emptying 'Temp Internet Folder' and 'Recycle Bin' ready for a backup, I find it won't backup to my CD-RW. I get an error box 'D:\ not accessible. The device is not ready.' Well I think it is, got a disc in and raring to go but 'Nada'. As this is the first time I've backed up to a disc am I doing everything right? I've checked the drive that I want to backup but when I choose the destination I'm told I'm not ready. Any suggestions?

  Big Elf 12:15 22 Apr 2003

Could be a faulty CD.

  Mango Grummit 13:57 22 Apr 2003

Can't say if you're doing it right or not. What OS are you on? What software are you using to backup with? As you are using CD-RW rather than CD-R I assume you are doing this by drag N drop. If so have you formatted the disc?

  TommyRed 23:07 22 Apr 2003

My OS is 98SE, I'm attempting to backup using the backup program in System Tools (Seagate, I think). I'm using CD-R but not through Nero drag N drop. I haven't formatted the disc cos' it's new. How do you format the discs anyways? Also had a failure backing up to the C drive (see my latest post) Cheers TR

  woodchip 23:28 22 Apr 2003

It will not work like that, You have one of two ways to backup if you want to backup to CD then you need Drive Image. As Microsoft Backup will not see your CD as a writable disc. You can do a backup if the size is small enough to hard drive then copy to disc, or you can make a windows backup to a second partition. Just say which

  Rtus 23:28 22 Apr 2003

The backup your refering to is part of the Win98 o/s ..not seagate..I think Im correct in saying > (as I havent used this method for a few years now) You can use this to Tape or zip etc not to Cdrw .Unless you first back up to another drive or another partition on your present hard drive ,ensuring you set the backup to spread over 650mb slices. but an easier way is use ghost or drive image software..

  Rtus 23:31 22 Apr 2003

forgive my butting in.. Im Slower at typing...

  pj123 23:36 22 Apr 2003

You could also call in to some of your local Newsagents and see if they have a copy of PC Answers Issue 117 i think it is for March 2003.

The free disk has Acronis on it. This will backup your complete drive for you as easy as pie.

You only format CD/RW disks not CD/Rs. You would need to use the software that came with your CD/RW drive (either Nero Burn or Roxio Easy CD Creator) to backup individual files.

  pj123 14:14 27 Apr 2003

Just looked at my cover disk and it is PC Answers issue 117 for April 2003 not March. So should still be available in the shops.

  david4637 15:26 27 Apr 2003

Will Acronis backup to all CDRW drives or does it only support some models, or do you format the CDRW (use UDF), then drop and drag. Could you give me the software issue of Acronis and their web site and I could find out? Thanks David

  TommyRed 20:25 27 Apr 2003

There is only May's issue in the newsagents now, even tried Woolies and W H Smith, nada. Do they eventually put the software of their covers into their download section on their website?

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