Cant add a printer

  OWENA 07:16 28 Oct 2003

Hi, I have recently installed broadband which may not be related but now my compter wont recognise my printer. I have tried reinstalling my drivers and it makes the tone when I plug it in or turn it on but my computer wont let me add a printer through add printer in start menu.It ssays operation could not be completed. Could it be the cable or the printer? It is a brand new Epson that I used all of last week.

  AndyJ 07:58 28 Oct 2003

Can you give more details? What OS; Exact printer model? Type of connection? If relevant, at what stage of the install do you get the error message?

Before you install the drivers make sure that all references for this printer have been removed from the PC i.e. Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and Printers.

  jolorna 13:47 28 Oct 2003

if your printer b/b modem are both usb then you have to unplug your modem usb plug before installing your printer

  graham√ 14:02 28 Oct 2003

The BB modem must be on a USB hub on its own. If the printer is on the same hub (usually a hub has two sockets) there will be insufficient power for it. Check in Device Manager on the hubs Power tab.

  A_World_Maker 14:21 28 Oct 2003

Some Epson printers (mine being a 580 USB version) the drivers are not 'certified' by Microsoft and have caused me problems. XP loads up a non-certifed driver and then the printer calls for its own drivers as well. Then they by try and operate the printer, which causes freezing. Mine got worse when I installed a USB broadband Modem. I have cured that by making sure they are on a different USB bank (hub). The latest drivers from Epson didn't help at all.

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