Can't acquire IP Address &Network service absent

  philipternouth 11:06 10 Jun 2010

I am running a Dell Vostro as part of a mixed XP pro and home network via a BTHomeHub wireless and ethernet router. After some months of trouble free operation the ethernet card (Realtek) will no longer acquire an IP address. DHCP works fine on all the other pc's. It will work fine with a fixed IP address and connects to the internet.
However I think at the same time another problem started - I stopped being able to browse the workgroup from this pc or access it from others. Not only could I not browse the workgroup from the my network places application I can't even open the facility (just get an error beep) I believe because the network is not started on the pc. The latter I believe corrects itself only for the next boot if I make a minor change to the protocol properties on the card. Please help. Thanks

  T I M B O 11:38 10 Jun 2010

1st, turn off all of the computers. On the Home Hub there is a reset button, put a pin in that hole & reset the router back to factory settings. wait till all 4 lights appear if you have the telephone facility. then one by one turn on each pc.

I hope this will solve ur issue.

  philipternouth 11:51 10 Jun 2010

Thanks but already tried. I don't think it's the hub- no problems with other pc', switching ethernet ports has no effect and I have the same problem with a wifi connection from the problem pc.
There are a mix of wifi and ethernet connections on the network. I can't see how the hub would affect a service not operating on the problem pc anyway.

  T I M B O 12:00 10 Jun 2010

BT Help>> 0800 111 4567

  T I M B O 12:00 10 Jun 2010

What hub do you have, is it the white one, or the curved black one?

  Rahere 13:26 10 Jun 2010

I feel your pain I had a long standing problem with a neighbour's Dell Vostro 1500 using their BT Home Hub (most recent black type. No wifi connection was achieved most of the time.

The only solution I could find was to use lower WEP encryption - hardly ideal but better than no encryption I suppose.

With this laptop wifi connection seem to start a long time after the desktop appears and the laptop seems ready to use - 2-3 minutes usually.

So I turn on the laptop walk away for 5 minutes before starting cleanups and maintenance, not a big problem, but annoyingly slow!

  philipternouth 08:38 11 Jun 2010

The problem is not with the hub - the following services are not starting despite being set to automatic
When I start them manually the pc functions normally, acquires an IP address, browses the web and the LAN
Any idea why these services should not start?
MacAfee full scan shows nothing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:39 11 Jun 2010


both have other services that need to run (dependencies) one of these is probably disabled(can be caused by malware)

MAke sure TCP/IP service is running and set to automatic.

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