Can't Access Yahoo Inbox or "My Ebay" Accounts!!

  sorceror7374 13:29 07 Nov 2003

I can log into Yahoo mail to see that there is in fact messages there for me but can't go any further than that and Ebay won't let me into the "my ebay" page. About 2 weeks ago I received an email to my yahoo account stating that there was a problem with my ebay account and that I had to click on a special link and confirm my details to access my account....I know about these fake messages trying to get peoples info and independently went to the ebay site to confirm whether or not I could access my account and as soon as the "My Ebay" page started to load my computer rebooted itself. Virus scans didn't turn up anything and everything worked fine after that up until 2 days ago when I couldn't access these 2 accounts...and now a couple of online forms that I've tried to submit (including this one) won't submit at all and just time out on me! I had to find an internet cafe just to submit this! Have I been hit with some viral code that took some time to sink in?....Is my info being hacked/hijacked from web forms? How do I fix? I run Windows XP on an AMD Athlon system using NTL 1mbps broadband internet connection.

  sorceror7374 20:30 08 Nov 2003

Still wracking the brain trying to figure this one out!! Any ideas from anyone out there yet?

  ton 20:43 08 Nov 2003

I had a similar problem when links wouldn't work.
I cured it when I repaired Internet Explorer.

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