Can't access website, others can

  amelio8 16:49 16 Oct 2012


There's a website I can't get access to at home it's It's only a holding page at the moment. When I try to access it on my phone or pc through the wifi I can't. When I switch wifi off I can get the site over the phone network. I phoned a friend and she can get the site okay. I have done everything, unplugged the router, deleted browser cache information but to no avail.

I phoned AOL help and he could not get the site either, he said they weren't using AOL as they were in India.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank You

  Forum Editor 18:53 16 Oct 2012

The name is hosted by and registered to a person in Norwich.

I suggest you have a word with 1&1. I can load the holding page without any problems.

  northumbria61 19:13 16 Oct 2012

The site is - enter link description here

  amelio8 20:41 16 Oct 2012

Thanks Forum Editor, it's a domain I registered a few weeks ago but still can't access it to do anything with it. It doesn't make sense why some people can access a domain whilst others can't. You can't imagine that happening with amazon so why is it happening here? My host thought something may have happened and my ip was being blocked but there are others who can't access it either so I don't think that can be the case.

Hi northumbria61, Yes there is also a .com but the .net is going to be much better! :-) that is, when I can do anything with it!

Appreciate your replies.

  Woolwell 22:36 16 Oct 2012

Perhaps your isp is not accessing it because there is no real content.

What do you mean by "still can't access it to do anything with it.". Don't you create a site then upload it?

  amelio8 23:58 16 Oct 2012

Thanks Jock1e, You're getting the holding page okay, that's what I can't get.

Woolwell, appreciate the response. Don't think isp's discriminate based on content, I might be wrong there but not in my experience. I use dreamweaver, when you set a site up in it you put in the cpanel name and password and check for a connection that way you can create and upload. I'm not even able to do that because at home my broadband goes through aol. Jock1e got the site okay but it still eludes me. I'll probably use wordpress, I could upload that directly using cpanel but I wouldn't be able to access the wp dashboard as thats all done by pointing the browser to the web address.

I'm in contact with my host to see if they can help.

Appreciate any thoughts and the help people are giving me.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:06 17 Oct 2012

amelio8, yours sounds like a name-resolution problem. To prove this (if you're using a Windows computer), open a Command Prompt window, type this and press enter on your keyboard:


Folks who can get to your site should see this as the first line of the output:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

What IP address (the numbers enclosed in brackets) do you get? If instead you get an error message then let us know what it is. Reply too with the version of Windows your computer's using.

Depending on your reply, I may be able to suggest a suitable workaround.

  scotty 12:11 17 Oct 2012

If it is a new site, perhaps your ISP has not updated their Domain Name Server with the new site details. That could explain why others (using a different ISP or DNS) can access it.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:07 18 Oct 2012

"If it is a new site, perhaps your ISP has not updated their Domain Name Server with the new site details."

That's what I think too. The OP hasn't replied so perhaps his ISP's DNS server now has a record for his website. If not then my plan was to configure his PC (or router) to use a couple of OpenDNS servers as they are also able to resolve to its correct IP address.

  amelio8 18:06 18 Oct 2012


I got a resolution. This is what my web host said...

'I found some incorrect DNS entries that were likely causing the problems for your domain. I have fixed them now, but it may take 12 hours or so to refresh. Let us know if you're able to access by that time.'

Appreciate People offering advice.


Paul R

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