Can't Access Website with laptops/desktops

  Joe Fiddaman 22:56 29 Jun 2018

Hi everyone I have a very specific problem,

I'm on a private house network and nobody on the network can access my website click here on a desktop or laptop or iPad for that matter. However I can access it on my mobile phone even though it's connected to the same network.

I've spoken to Bluehost my host provider and they say the website is fine as do so that leaves me to think it's the network blocking it somehow but why then can my mobile phone access it? I've cleared my DNS cache and reset all cookie settings and cahces too.

I'm at a total loss. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  LastChip 23:14 29 Jun 2018

What happens if you connect your laptop or iPad to an alternative network? Anywhere that provides a free access point - library, coffee shop etc.

  Joe Fiddaman 23:16 29 Jun 2018

That's the one thing I haven't tried yet. Would you do me a favour and try access my website? I believe Bluehost maybe having some problems which is taking my site down too.

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