Can't access webpages using broadband router etc..

  Simac 22:02 21 Jun 2005

I have recently had Broadband installed using a router which as 4 ports, which technically should allow me to connect 3 other PC's through the router to connect to the internet. I know I can't network my PC's to see each other for I assume that I need a hub. But this is just a matter of connecting a PC to a router to access the internet through Broadband. Both my PC's are XP o/s. My main PC can access the internet via the router. I have since connected the 2nd PC to the router. I get the green light for activity, I then went through the wizard network connection, which asked if I wanted to create a new connection,which I did. I was then prompted connect to the internet, then prompted, set up connection manually, then connection using a broadband connection that requires user name and password then prompt for ISP name, then finally prompt for User name and Password. Did all this and was finally successful. It connects okay, but when I go into internet explorer it won't bring up any website at all.. Whatever I put in it just shows similar page to if you were off-line. It shows connectivity alright in the bottom right hand window. Where am I going wrong?? Any ideas.. gratefully received Simac

  MikeOT 22:16 21 Jun 2005

I'm not an expert on this, but until a real one posts, you might want to check the subnet mask settings for the connection.

Try finding your way to the TCP properties for the connection and see if they are the same for the non-working PC as the working one.

  VoG II 22:26 21 Jun 2005

Try this click here

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:26 21 Jun 2005

you need to change something in internet options.

In IE click tools, internet options, connections.

Mine has never dial a connection set and under lan settings is set to automatically detect settings.

See what yours says on the one that works and make sure the other one says the same.

Also, I would have thought the PCs would be able to see each other through the router?



  Simac 22:33 21 Jun 2005

Thanks for your reply, I will have a look for TCP/IP and subnet mask setings, but not sure if that is the fault because I am not setting up a network to see other PC's for that I will need a hub/switch, I just want to access Broadband (internet) through a router on a different PC, which as network activity and connects to the internet but will not let me access websites on IE.
At the bottom when I do a refresh on the page an error comes up to say downloading from site: C:\Windows\System32\shdoclc.dll\dnserror not sure what that is all about.


  woodchip 22:34 21 Jun 2005

First can you get web pages with number one Computer?

Second computer is it hard wired with Ethernet cable or are you using a Wireless Ethernet Card?

You can Network the Computers using the Router

  Simac 22:37 21 Jun 2005

Sorry VoG & Tasslehoff Burrfoot did not see your postings was busy replying to MikeOT. I am going to leave it tonight, for I have been at this all evening left it late to start as a discussion, because I was starting to get fed-up. Will pick this thread up again tomorrow.


  sat481 08:16 22 Jun 2005

One other thing that may be relavent is your ISP provider... Some of the AOL accounts do not allow Internet Connection Sharing..

Take care


  Simac 12:56 22 Jun 2005

I did what Tasslehoff suggested and that was to change things in IE, but made no difference. I can get web pages through number one PC, but not on PC number 2, which is hard wired through a ethernet cable like number one computer. When I went through the wizard on number two computer it came up with an TCP/IP address totally different to number one computer. So I have changed it manually so that it now matches apart from the last digit which I know as to be assigned a different digit. This is on the network card. What about the assigned TCP/IP address which comes with the ISP they are different, the last 6 digits are different.

  woodchip 12:59 22 Jun 2005

look in device manager to see how many Ethernets there are. If more than the one you are using disable the other

  Simac 13:07 22 Jun 2005

Don't quite follow what you mean woodchip, there is only one ethernet to each machine. Yet since trying to connect both PC's through the router at the bottom right hand screen I get two icons flashing away to suggest i'm online one is the ISP the other the LAN. Is that normal if I disable the LAN on either machine, then I can't connect through my ISP. That I have tried.

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