Cant access partition.

  Andrew P 15:20 27 Sep 2003

Hi everyone.
I don't know how this happened but when I re-installed windows xp by booting from the CD, it seems to have created a new partition for itself and blocked access to the second one. When I am in Windows XP, only one partition is dislayed in My Computer - the new one with none of my files on it, only windows xp. If I boot from the CD and go into the recovery console by pressing R, it askes me to log onto either C:\Windows or F:\Windows. If I log onto F:\, then type DIR, I can see all the files from the 'old' partition. I need to somehow copy the files from F:\Documents and Settings to somewhere on the C:\ partition, so that I can access them in windows and burn them to CD. But as I can only access them from the recovery console, which doesnt allow copying of folders across partitions, I can't. Is there ANY way that I can save my data?

  Andrew P 18:27 27 Sep 2003

It was on page 2 already...this forum moves quick, doesn't it?!

  woodchip 18:34 27 Sep 2003

You need Vog to help with XP he may be on later

  Andrew P 19:45 27 Sep 2003

I right clicked on My Computer on the XP Start menu, clicked Manage, then clicked Disk Management under the Storage heading. My hard disk is listed as disk 0, and it says that is it 215.67GB, even though it is only 120GB. Two partitions are listed - a 111.76GB NTFS Partition (the one which has my data that I can't access on it) which has "Healthy (Unknown Partition)" under it, and doesn't have a drive letter, and the other one is a 103.91GB NTFS Partition which has "Healthy (System)" underneath it and has the letter C:. This is really confusing me - how can there be partitions that size when there isn't even that much room on the disk?
Please help someone! I have tried a google search but I don't really know what i'm meant to be searching for in the 1st place, so it wasn't much help!
Andrew P :o)

  AubreyS 20:00 27 Sep 2003

I had a similar problem when I installed XP. I did fdisk and the problem was cured. I hope this will cure it for you. Good luck. A.

  Andrew P 22:15 27 Sep 2003

...It shows one partition labeled Non-DOS, and another labled NTFS. I get into the new version of windows no matter what partition I make active. I can't back up my data as I have lost access to the partition which it is stored on under Windows, so erasing then re-creating partitions is not an option - I did make a backup last week but I have received a LOT of important emails since then which are stored in Outlook Express.
Any more ideas?

  woodchip 23:26 27 Sep 2003

I do think you can change the drive letter in that item you found. it may get you going.

  powerless 23:37 27 Sep 2003

Not if it is an unknown partition.

  Andrew P 09:45 28 Sep 2003

on right clicking the unkown partition, the only options i get are delete partition and help. the one to change drive letters and all the others are greyed out. i have also tried setting a drive letter using the 'diskpart' command from a command prompt but it wont let me. what i am getting at is my data MUST still be somewhere as I can see it with the drive letter F:\ in the microsoft recovery console when booting from the xp cd - but the stupid thing won't allow copying of folders, or viewing anything else other than the f:\ and f:\windows folders.

  woodchip 12:43 28 Sep 2003

Would it be seen if you put it as slave to another drive just to get at your data

  SEASHANTY 13:13 28 Sep 2003

Maybe Partition Magic v8 would help you sort out this problem without losing your data you cannot access. Don't say it will - this is just a suggestion.

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