Cant access my Sony laptop

  Technumpty 01:32 08 May 2017

'Matt' used to be the owner and administrator of the laptop. Gill put her name into the administrator field and changed it to her own password because she was now having the laptop from Matt. Matt's name was no longer showing anywhere as a user or admin. We thought when we rebooted the laptop it would automatically show 'Gill' and allow her to put in her password to get into the system and Windows 10. But switch on the computer it shows Matt still and wont accept any password for him now, and no longer recognises him as a user. How do we get into the laptop now? I know we've made a complete mess of it :-( Help and advise really appreciated. Thanks.

  Jollyjohn 11:38 08 May 2017

Google for "Reset Sony laptop" and reset to Factory condition. You may loose all the personal data on the laptop following this procedure but that is good for Matt as none of his info will remain.

  Govan1x 12:55 08 May 2017

You can start the laptop normally but shut it down after 7 seconds by holding in the start button.

Do that 3 or 4 times and you should get a page to open that gives you choices of what to do next.

You could try safe mode to see if it works on there but will probably ask for your password.

It was usually an email account password that they would be looking for.

  Technumpty 14:06 08 May 2017

Thanks Jollyjohn and Govan1x _ we will give your recommendations a try.

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