Can't access my site but...

  Jigzoos 05:16 09 Jan 2011

I can't access my own website from my PC but others can from theirs. My TC/IP propereties are set to "find DNS settings automatically". and I can access all websites but my own. But when I enter my servers DNS settings instead of finding them automatically, I can access my site but no others. I keep getting "cannot find server" error messages. Just spent 2 days reading forums for an answer but can't find anywhere. Can anyone help?

  Clapton is God 07:17 09 Jan 2011

When did you last access your own website?

What settings have you changed between then and now?

  Jigzoos 07:30 09 Jan 2011

Last time was Friday, 2 days ago. Since then whatever I've changed I've changed back. I've done a System Restore back to Friday morning, but didn't help. Used CCleaner but no good. One forum suggested manually entering ip settings but this didn't help. Another suggested changing the host file but either that didn't help or I did it wrong. I basically changed nothing between it being OK Friday and not being OK Sat morning. It also won't connect to my domains mail server but only intermittently.

  Clapton is God 07:40 09 Jan 2011

Have you spoken to whoever hosts your site to establish whether or not they've made any changes?

  Jigzoos 08:12 09 Jan 2011

Yes, I've been in constant contact. Because they can see the site, they say it's a local problem. They changed servers about a month ago but it's been OK since then. One thing, my domain has a bad reputation because spammers have been using it, but again, it's been OK for a long time. Could my own system be locking me out? Can't see why if I can access the site when I use manual DNS settings. Thanks for helping, by the way.

  wee eddie 12:22 09 Jan 2011

Try CCleaner to clear your Cookies

  birdface 14:38 09 Jan 2011

Maybe try Command prompt.Type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on the keyboard.
it should tell you Dns cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.

  Jollyjohn 16:08 09 Jan 2011

Can you access your site by its ip address rather than name?

Can you "ping" your site by either name or ip address.

Do you have a log in / control panel from your hosting company? Is there an option to "point domain at hosting"? I forgot to do this last time I changed hosts and could access my own site for a couple of days.

  Jigzoos 03:08 10 Jan 2011

Tried cCleaner cleaned everything but no change. Tried ipconfig /flushdns but no good. Tried ipconfig to find my ip address and it pinged OK. Not sure about "point domain at hosting". Can't find this in cPanel, have asked my host about it. They changed servers a few weeks ago and I entered the new ones and all was OK til Friday.

  Jigzoos 05:30 10 Jan 2011

Oops forgot. No, it won't let me ping by my domain name. Not sure how to find my ip address. Tried ipconfig /all and the ip address obtained appears to be a router according to google. This ip address pings ok.

  Jollyjohn 10:59 10 Jan 2011

Your website will have an ip address and your hosting company should be able to supply it.
Try pinging that address

(A DNS (Domain Name Server) translates names to ip addresses - if you watch the bottom left corner as your pc connects to a website the ip address sometimes flashes up as it connects.)

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