Can't access my linksys router

  pcgal 12:23 07 May 2005

My home network is working fine but for some strange reason I can no longer access my linksys router.
I type the router ip address in my browser as per usual but it doesnt respond.
I have 3 computers on my network connecting to this ADSL linksys and I've tried from all 3 computers with the same result.
Iam 110% sure of the routers IP address and I've also rebooted the router twice with the same end response!

I need to set port forwarding as I've just purchased pcanywhere.......can anyone advise me further? I'm stuck!


  selfbuild 12:57 07 May 2005

routers IP address by opening up the command prompt and type ipconfig /all or winipcfg /all (depending on O/S) and take a look at the Default Gateway.....

  hssutton 13:12 07 May 2005

Not being very bright especially on networking, when I had the same problem I just reset the router and used the default IP address.

  pcgal 13:27 07 May 2005

Definitely the correct IP address.....checked it 100 times.

Ok so how do u over-ride the security settings on a linksys router and return the box back to default settings?

Its probably on linksys site but I'll be lazy and ask here.

anyone got a quick answer?

  woodchip 13:30 07 May 2005

If it works on a Lan cable check the BIOS as not set Lan to Disabled

  pcgal 13:33 07 May 2005

woodchip can u expand on that......not sure where ya coming from


  Number 7 13:33 07 May 2005

Disable your firewall and then try to login to the router.

  selfbuild 13:34 07 May 2005

Small reset button on the back of the router..... press and hold for 7 seconds to return the router to the default factory settings....

  pcgal 13:35 07 May 2005

I use the router as a software firewall enabled on my network

  woodchip 16:16 07 May 2005

When you start your Computer look at bottom of Screen you should see a ket to press to enter setup. That takes you into BIOS, Do not be scared as you do not have a mouse to navigate. But you can navigate with arrow key's and enter key to open a page, start at top and work down to close a page press escape key For the Lan it may not be any farther down than fourth page to find it, if it is disabled, got to it with key's then press PgUp or PgDn to change it. you then need to close page gpot to page save settings and exit Y for yes

  woodchip 16:17 07 May 2005

Key not Ket

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