Can't Access The Internet (Win2000 Server)

  [DELETED] 09:17 24 Jul 2003

I am just learning how to use 2000 Server but cannot seem to get it to access the net.

I am connected to a Linksys 4 Port Router and changed one of my pc's from XP Pro to 2000 server, so I could get used to using it. Anyway, it connects to the other pc's on my home network, but won't access the net.

I am probably missing something because I have never used this 2000 before. I have set all my IP's and DNS numbers correctly, but no joy.


  [DELETED] 10:49 24 Jul 2003

What does it say under Network and Dial up Connections; is there just the 'make new connection' icon or is there a 'local area connection' too?

  recap 11:35 24 Jul 2003

If you have set up DNS correctly and resolved all server IP address's, look in the porperties of Local Area Connections/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties you should see something like the following:

General Tab:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

Use the following IP address:

Prefered DNS server:

Click the advanced button. Make sure the following are there:

IP settings tab,, subnet mask

DNS tab:

Wins tab: (if you require it)
You should now hopefully be able to connect to the internet.

  [DELETED] 12:38 24 Jul 2003

Tried that 'recap' with no joy.

My setup is 3 pc's and a laptop, Local IP ranges from, the routers default is

At the moment I have not firewalled the server till I get the connections fixed, but all other nodes have ZA Pro, which is supported by the routers internal configurational options.

The IP I am using on the server is the same one I had when it used to be XP Pro installed. I am only experimenting with the server software because I am doing my HND in computer/Networks suport in August and have never used this server software before now.

The makeshift server is a P3 with 180gb HD and over 350 sdram. All I want to do is get the security patches for Server 2000 and enable an FTP setup so my friends can access my shares, it will not be getting used for casual internet exploring.

The setup in Local Area Connection is as follows

Server - (IP, (Gateway routers) and (Subnet, (DNS broadband ntl).

All other nodes are setup this way and all are attached to the same workgroup. As before, all files are sharing fine, all pc's can see and share properly with no conflictions.

Me is baffled...I know I am missing something, don't know what though.

  [DELETED] 12:41 24 Jul 2003

MichelleC - The Local Area Connection icon is there also, I am maybe thinking my router might be blocking internet access, but I can't see how.

I bet it's something really daft and simple, but I have configured all my pc's the same way and they work fine.


  recap 12:54 24 Jul 2003

Disable any firewalls, even your router may have one?

  [DELETED] 13:39 24 Jul 2003


  [DELETED] 15:27 24 Jul 2003

What have you got in 'Local Area Connection'/ Properties? Maybe something's not checked/installed there.

  recap 08:45 25 Jul 2003

This may be a silly question MjM Hellfire, but have you got the Internet connection connected to the server?

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