Can't access the internet? Is it the Modem

  [DELETED] 21:48 30 Dec 2003

I have just bought a medion computer from pc world (i Know) and i can't access the internet. The modem is a creatix v.9x data fax modem (i think). Anyway after many phonecalls to expensive pc service centres the general consensus is that it is a modem problem as i have eliminated must all other variables. The last guy i talked to told me to reduce the speed of the modem but this led to there being no dailing tone at all. The problem is that it seems all is well with the usual dialing tone and then after 20 seconds the line disengages and the computer try's to call the isp again until the message 'unable to establish a connection appears'. Has anybody had a similar problem? Is there an Answer? Any advice gratefully received?


D Fritter

  [DELETED] 21:53 30 Dec 2003

geez, dial-up. Had it a year ago and had many problems with it, But the usual problems were that the service could get busy sometimes, and then after a while it would just work. If it is your modem then try another one and see if it works or get your current one replaced by pc world.

  [DELETED] 22:02 30 Dec 2003

Suggest if just bought computor to take it back to pc world under guarantee and get them to set it up

  hugh-265156 22:05 30 Dec 2003

what isp are you using?

try unplugging any phones,fax machines etc that are also connected to the phone line.if you can do not use an extension socket,plug the modem lead straight into the main box and try again.

you have installed the software for your isp ok yeah?

  [DELETED] 22:46 30 Dec 2003

I am using freeserve talked to their tech support and they suggested that it was a modem problem after suggesting the usual causes. I know that the line and box are good as i am using said line and box to access this site with my laptop. If i do bring it back to PC World can i ask for a refund/exchange. If they say it is working what can i do as it is not working at my house!

Thanks for the previous replies!

D Fritter

  hugh-265156 22:54 30 Dec 2003
  [DELETED] 22:58 30 Dec 2003

Thanks for the link. It is good to have such a resource at the click of a mouse! Will let you know how i get on!

D Fritter

  [DELETED] 00:41 31 Dec 2003

I fixed almost exactly this problem on almost exactly this computer last week.

It was a phone putting a crackling onto the line when it was plugged in - unplugged that phone - all was well.

So if you haven't done what huggyg71 suggested above - do it, before you complain to the supplier - even tho' your laptop works OK.

  [DELETED] 15:21 02 Jan 2004

After protracted negotiations with PC World in which three different explanations were given for fault i demanded and was given a refund (it was a modem problem) then went and bought similar computer from ToysRus and it had faulty graphics card. I have since returned and exchanged computers and touch wood things are now working as they should. The computer from toysrus was better specced and came with more software than the one from pcworld i hope this is now the end of my computer woes!

Thanks for all the advice.

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