Can't access internet via gateway PC

  § 17:50 10 Mar 2005

Knew it wouldn't be easy for me :( click here

I installed a Belkin 802.11g wireless network card into my PC running ME to use it as a gateway for my laptop running XP.

I can now file swap with my laptop but the laptop won't access the internet via the PC.

All firewalls are switched off.

The laptop has an IP address of, the PC

I've tried re-installing, re-configuring and repairing to no avail.

Any suggestions welcome.

  FelixTCat 18:14 10 Mar 2005

The 169.... IP address shows that there is no DHCP address server in your system - these are addresses windows defaults to when all else fails.

Have you run the network wizard on your ME pc (on ME it may be called Internet Connection Sharing Wizard)?

Run it on the ME pc, stating that you want to use this as a gateway to the internet. If it asks which port to use it on, choose the broadband connection (the USB port?) Follow the instructions. You can either prepare a diskette if offered, or run the Network Setup Wizard on the laptop and tell it that you are connecting through another computer on the network.

When you have finished, the IP address of the wireless adapter on the ME pc will be and that of the laptop

  § 20:15 10 Mar 2005

Thanks FelixTCat, I had tried that but did it again - still no connection and the IP address of the laptop is the same.

I've noticed when running the wizard and answering 'yes' to the question 'Do you want another computer to access the internet through this computer...' the following question asks '..device that connects this computer to the home network...' that although I highlight Belkin 802.11g Wireless Card each time I re-visit it has defaulted to WAN Miniport (ATW).

Is this a red herring?

  FelixTCat 21:58 10 Mar 2005

I don't think so. Do you run the wizard with the broadband modem connected? The wizard can become confused if you try to connect to an unused port.

I am sure that you are telling the system that your WAN port is the internet connection, but it won't believe you if it is disconnected, particularly if the wireless adapter is in place.

  § 09:38 11 Mar 2005

Yes to the bb connection. The sequence going through the wizard via the host PC is:

1 - This computer uses the following to connect to the internet, defaults to: 'AEI USB to Fast Ethernet Adapter' - (this I leave unchanged)

2 - Select the device that connects this computer to the home network, defaults to: WAN Miniport (ATW) - (this I change to Belkin 802.11g Wireless Card but it reverts to the WAN)

I've just been looking through the Help pages on the XP laptop and it states "in order to run ICS correctly you must designate a computer using Windows XP Home or Pro as the host computer"

This would defeat the object of my exercise as the static internet connected PC is running ME, while the laptop runs XP

Does this mean that I have no alternative but to buy a router?

  § 16:34 11 Mar 2005

Any suggestions before I upset the bank manager again?

  spikeychris 18:24 11 Mar 2005

Set up an ad-hoc wireless network between the computers,. as shown in the link from your previous thread. click here

Ignore the part about enabling Internet Connection Sharing,
since your host computer is the Windows Me desktop:

click here for information on installing ICS on WinME

Configure the laptop as an ICS client.

Then click here to configure the laptop as an ICS client

Don't run XP's Network Setup Wizard on the desktop computer even if
the Wizard tells you to.

  § 18:36 11 Mar 2005

Thanks spikeychris, that's a lot to digest!

I'll print it all off and follow as per your instructions and post back the result.

  § 10:29 13 Mar 2005

spikeychris I didn't get past installing ICS on the WinME PC.

Although I made several attempts each time I ended up with no IP address and obviously couldn't access the internet.

Sorry Mr bank manager but I'm off to buy a router.

Thanks again for your assistance.

  Ravenaven 12:57 13 Mar 2005

Good decision. I gave up trying to get ICS working with XP and bought a Linksys wireless gateway/router. Works like a dream. I was able to junk the Speedtouch modem as well.

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