cant access hotmail

  Ç̧ÇØ 17:18 06 Jan 2005

I cant access hotmail from my laptop, i can access it from other pc's

  ACOLYTE 17:26 06 Jan 2005

Not a lot to go in there Ç̧ÇØ,all i can suggest with what you have said is keep using the laptop.

  ACOLYTE 17:27 06 Jan 2005

sorry should be use pc.

  Stuartli 17:31 06 Jan 2005

He'll never get any e-mails then...:-)

Are you using Thunderbird - if so see the FAQ as to why you can't and how you can:

click here

  sortof 19:28 06 Jan 2005

What happens when you try to access Hotmail? Maybe you have blocked access with your internet security software?

  Ç̧ÇØ 10:04 07 Jan 2005

I just get a blank internet explorer page when i try to access my hotmail.
no changes have been made to security settings

  Leslie-212488 10:46 07 Jan 2005

can you send and recieve e-mails, are the two machines networked, and how.BB or dial-up.
can we have a bit more info?

  Ç̧ÇØ 11:01 07 Jan 2005

machines are not connected.
everything else works ok on the laptop, including
web browseing.
internet connection is dialup.

  circus 11:54 07 Jan 2005

I'm having exactly the same problem. Although with persistance I did manage to get on briefly yesterday.

  May$ 14:48 07 Jan 2005

Try cleaning the temporary internet files

  ACOLYTE 14:52 07 Jan 2005

Have you tried logging in to MSN then going to email seems to work for most people,as hotmail are upgrading to a 250mb mail box the login problem affects people but if you have MSN they seem to get upgraded first.

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