can't access email on home network

  clarabel 20:10 04 Jul 2004

I recently bought a new laptop and linked it with our original laptop with a wireless network and an ADSL router/modem. Getting on the internet is fine except neither computer can access hotmail or yahoo accounts. I have already tried using Outlook express to retrieve the messages to no avail, tried turning off the XP firewall and disabling the router's firewall. the same message comes up "page not Found". I am getting increasingly frustrated now as I have 7 emails that I can't read, my sister is shouting at me for "ruining" the internet. I have also tried enabling all Cookies, SSL settings but I am no technical expert and don't really know what I am doing, Please someone help!

  LastChip 23:09 04 Jul 2004

What happens if you connect in exactly the same way you used to connect, before you installed the ADSL Router? If all is well, it is certainly your Router that is causing the problem.

You could try setting the server addresses to your Router in Outlook Express (if you haven't already done so).

Open Outlook Express and select; Tools; Accounts; highlight one of your e-mail accounts and select Properties. Under the Servers Tab, enter your Router address in both the POP3 and SMTP server boxes. Many Routers use the default address;

but you will need to look at the Router information page, to find out the correct address for yours. Click apply; OK; and see if you can now access your e-mail.

  clarabel 21:35 05 Jul 2004

thanks but it didn't work for my yahoo account and my hotmail account isn't a pop3 but http server or something so I couldn't try it with that. it did work once, the day after I installed the router, and it lasted for a day and then didnt work the next time we tried it. It was working fine with the old modem. I read on XP that it is something to do with the firewall but it then goes on to say that disabling it will solve the problem, but sadly it doesn't.

  LastChip 22:17 05 Jul 2004

Do you have any other security Firewalls operational? Zone Alarm, Norton for example.

  clarabel 23:45 05 Jul 2004

Thanks for all your help, I restarted the Router at it's IP address and it turns out that it fixed the problem, for now! hopefully it will carry on working now :D Cheers guys

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