Can't access config. page of a router which is correctly configured as an AP

  rejoinder 20:39 06 Jan 2014


I recently followed a guide online to set up a wireless access point connected by LAN to extend the range of my BT Home Hub 4. I used an old Netgear DG834G v2 Router which was left over from a previous network. These are the steps I took:

I checked the DCHP range of my Home Hub: 192.168.64-253 (or it might have been 63)

I reset the Netgear to factory settings.

I set the Netgear to use a static IP instead of "get one from ISP".

I turned off the DCHP functionality of the Netgear.

I then connected the Home Hub LAN 1 to the Netgear LAN 1.

It all works fine for what I wanted to use it for, connecting to the main wireless network in a further part of the house. However, I can't now connect to the Netgear to configure any further settings. is rejected by my browser (the default IP for Netgear) is rejected too connects to the Home Hub admin page.

I really want to be able to change the SSID of the Netgear because at the moment is is just that "Netgear" and there is no protection/password/whatever on it either. Can anyone help?

I am also wondering, whenever I connect by LAN to the router it comes up with a network name which used to be the name of the Wireless network spewed out by that router, but since then I've changed it many times. However it always comes up as that. Not a problem really, but just curious as to whether I've missed a setting for a name for a LAN network as opposed to an SSID. The old name even survives factory resets which is odd. Unless it could just be my computer remembering the network?


  Secret-Squirrel 10:04 07 Jan 2014

" is rejected by my browser"

That's because there's no web server at that address.

" (the default IP for Netgear) is rejected too"

That's because all your computers are now on a different subnet and will never be able to reach that address.

I can think of two options to allow you to configure your Netgear:

1) Temporarily give one of your computers a fixed IP address of and a subnet of then connect it directly to the Netgear with an Ethernet crossover cable. A crossover cable isn't something you're likely to have though. Depending on your router you may find that a regular Ethernet cable will work too. You should then be able to access the Netgear's config screens.

2) Reset the Netgear again, access the config screens via, change the wireless settings to your liking then reconfigure it like you did before.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:30 07 Jan 2014

"...connect it directly to the Netgear with an Ethernet crossover cable"

On reflection, I think my crossover cable suggestion was rubbish - a regular one should work fine.

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