Can't Access AOL

  Nancy166 11:28 06 May 2010

I've spent four days on this and numerous phone calls to AOL.

The problem started on Sunday at 9.30pm when I lost internet connection. It just stopped.

Since then I have purchased a new Netgear modem/router and can now access IE and AOL but not the full programme.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled AOL but it still won't let me in and the quality of the AOL technicians is laughable. I had one who was adamanant that if I right clicked the icon, the whole programme would uninstall!

I've checked the Firewall and everything to do with AOL is allowed through and the message I receive when trying to access AOL is TCP/iP Connection cannot reach AOL.

Anyway either someone has inadvertently unplugged me or the Netgear or IE is blocking my access to AOL.

After hours/days of battling, I would be grateful for any help.



  MAT ALAN 11:30 06 May 2010

turn off any third party firewall you may have, see what happens...

  stlucia 12:02 06 May 2010

I upgraded to a Netgear router/modem about a week ago. I can't remember exactly the problem I had with AOL at the time, but I was unable to connect to them even though my router was showing it was connected to the internet.

The solution was for AOL to reset my password. It's not the password that I've chosen for my Screen Name, but an 8-character master password that's associated with your connection (yourphonenumber @ Telephone AOL on 08444 99 5555 to get the password reset.

  stlucia 12:48 06 May 2010

I've just remembered another issue I had after getting the router -- on some occasions it would show all green lights, and the AOL symbol on my screen would indicate AOL Connection Available, but my browser couldn't get AOL or any internet sites.

I think it was because I was powering up my PC and my router simultaneously, by switching on at the wall socket. Certainly, I haven't had the problem since I started waiting for all green lights on the router, before switching on the PC.

  Nancy166 21:19 06 May 2010

Thanks for your replies. I used the phone number plus and the password they gave me, it certainly wouldn't hurt to get another.

The new router's lights have been on all the time, no off switch! However I think it can be programmed to switch off ....another job to do.

Received a list of instructions from AOL....none of them worked but the one thing I haven't done is switch off the firewall. Unfortunately one of AOL's instructions was to uninstall AOL 9.0VR...again...problem is it won't let me download the damn thing so I am AOL less which I'm beginning to think is about right! lol

Thanks again


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