Can’t find how to use alias e mail

  john bunyan 18:26 20 Feb 2019

I use Outlook ( part of Outlook 2016) as a platform for a number of email accounts for my wife and self, both Outlook ones and a couple of others. I mostly use [email protected]

To avoid using this for buying etc I created an alias on this one. However when I launch Outlook, I can, if I press the new mail, from, button the drop down list doesn’t include the alias. I think I saw it when I launched it another way but can’t repeat how to do it. Any suggestions?

  john bunyan 19:18 20 Feb 2019

Because I like, with an Outlook e mail IMAC account, to get notifications or sending on desktop, iPhone or laptop. Theoretically the alias will show outgoing as [email protected] but sill come in to [email protected] I prefer to keep the list of e mils small.

  john bunyan 19:19 20 Feb 2019

IMAC = IMAP sorry

  qwbos 00:08 21 Feb 2019

Try New, From, Other E-mail address and add alias in the From box.

More on aliases here and here

  john bunyan 21:06 27 Feb 2019

I have created an alias in Outlook. Assume it is [email protected] Theoretically I should be able to send from it , but when I do so it appears on the outgoing mail as eg john.bunyan . This defeats the object. When I try to tell it where to send from , only my and my wife's accounts are shown as from. How to solve it?

  john bunyan 21:09 27 Feb 2019

sorry, it appears as john.bunyan

  john bunyan 21:12 27 Feb 2019

This wont let me show the sideways arrows! It appears as john,bunyan (left facing arrow) joe,[email protected] (right facing arrow)

  john bunyan 16:49 04 Mar 2019

Last question - no answers yet. Alias , on arrival, shows my true name pus the alias. How do I make an alias work in Outlook? I want it to use foe Amazon etc to stop harvesting of e mails.

  john bunyan 19:53 10 Mar 2019

No solution found yet. Will review later but any assistance welcome using

  wee eddie 20:09 10 Mar 2019

Give up using Outlook

  john bunyan 20:53 10 Mar 2019

No, only just moved to it from Talk Talk. Too many contacts to tell. It should work, I will crack it or maybe get a gmail one for trades

According to outlook aliases should be possible. Hopefully someone who uses it will share their experience

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