Can’t Boot From CDROM w 4TB Secondary HDD

  clm3s 18:00 12 Sep 2018

I have a Gigabyte “GA-970-D3” motherboard and a 4TB secondary HDD. (I am booting to Windows 7 - 64 bit on my primary 500GB SSD.) This motherboard uses something called “Hybird EFI” technology to support > 2.2TB HDDs, and my 4TB HDD works without issue, almost...

The issue is that when this secondary 4TB HDD is plugged into my SATA port, I can no longer boot to ANY bootable CD/DVD ROM.

When attempting to boot from any bootable CD/DVD ROM, it says: “!!!! X64 Exception Type - .....” with a bunch of trailing HEX(?) data. When I unplug the 4TB HDD, normal CD/DVD ROM booting can occur.

I am trying to boot to my backup software boot disk and it kind of defeats the purpose if I have to unplug the HDD if I want to do a backup/restore.

Any idea how I can boot from a CD/DVD ROM with the 4TB secondary HDD still attached?

Thanks in advance!

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