can'r get new hdd to boot - BSOD

  daba 17:27 13 Apr 2008

Using Paragon HD Manager 6.0 to clone C; drive to new bigger HDD.

O/S is Windows 2K.

Everything seems OK until booting from new drive, I get BSOD - Inaccessible Boot Drive.

I've follwed the Paragon instructions (pertinent to W2K) to the letter, which says shut down computer immediately the disk copy works, then boot from the new drive with the old drive disconnected. I am changing jumpers on new drive to master before booting up.

Anyone got any experience/ideas where I'm going wrong ?

  howard64 18:01 13 Apr 2008

you do not say if ide or sata but with jumpers I assume ide - you must connect the new drive to end of cable for master. The slave drive goes in the centre connector.

  daba 18:18 13 Apr 2008

I'm on IDE, as you gathered.

" you must connect the new drive to end of cable for master. The slave drive goes in the centre connector"

- that is a myth, it doesn't matter where the drives are connected, in fact the PC is now running quite happily with the old drive as master connected to the centre connector, and the new drive at the end.

Currently this new drive is not viewable by Windows, because it is set "un-mounted" by Paragon HDM, and that is, I believe, how windows expect it to be when installed as the boot drive.

It is possible for me to temporarily "mount" the new HDD as a slave drive, and it correctly appears as E:. All the folders and files copied from the original C: are plainly visible, the new HDD serial number is identical to the old, and the Volume names are the same, so it seems as though the cloning process has worked successfully.

The problem remains, however, that W2K cannot boot from the new drive when installed as master.

I have tried cloning to identical partition size (re-size later), and to grow the destination partition, but neither method works.

  DieSse 19:13 13 Apr 2008

If either of your drives is a Seagate drive, you could try their (free) Disk Wizard software, which is designed for just this scenario.

click here

In fact it's a cut-down version of Acronis True Image - I've used Disk Wizard myself on a clients system, and it does exactly what you need to do.

You are correct about the cable positions - if you put both drive jumpers to "Cable Select" that's when the "end is master, centre is slave" applies.

  Jim_F 20:28 13 Apr 2008

I've just done the same exercise and found I needed to disconnect the old drive for this to work. I think this is needed so that the new drive takes on the physical drive ID (usually 0) and the logical drive ID (usually C:) of the old one.

  daba 21:46 13 Apr 2008

Yes, I disconnected the old drive.

I want to throw it away anyway - it's only a 6GB (I can disconnect the steam line now...).

Anyway it worked first time using the correct installation software from Western Digital - got it from another thread, thanks to the O.P. for that.

All is well now, except that I had expected more of Paragon.

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