CanoScan 3200F through USB hub

  bpzoom 01:53 10 Jul 2004

I have connected my new Canoscan 3200F scanner to my PC to a USB1 port via a powered belkin hub. Whilst attempting unsuccesfully so far to obtain even a reasonably accurate match between screen colours of a scanned image and printed colours, I sought help from the Canon site tech support. Among other questions, they asked if my scanner is connected through a powered hub, and if so Canon technical support was invalidated. Has anyone heard of such a condition applying to any make of scanner or other peripheral? If so what is the reason for it? As far as I can see there is no such condition in any of the documentation which came with the scanner.

  georgemac 07:51 10 Jul 2004

no I cannot see what difference this would make. I also posted to your earlier thread on this problem as I have the same problem.

My 3200f is connected through a non powered usb hub (my monitor) but I may connect it directly to the PC and try again. I have a usb 2 port connected to the hub, although last time I connected my digi cam I think it said I was still connected to usb 1.

  jack 08:33 10 Jul 2004

I would bash Canon support's ears again

It is not good enough for them to say ' We wont Help because.......'
You need to know the reason why.
Electically I can see no reason.
Most hubs have a powered no pwered option.
My HAMA has it is running 'puter powered'
but has a socket to allow a power brick to be
If you is like this, try running it unpowered.
See what happens.
At worst the 'puter may slow or misbehave becuase of extra power drain.

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