canon zoombrowser adding file is this spyware ??

  kspatto 23:25 09 Jul 2004

has anyone else noticed files being added to all your image files since installing zoombrowser the thing is that they are hidden files and I am still waiting for an answer to my query at canon(they at least acknowledged recieving the query)as to if these files are necessary to the function of the program as I dont know about anyone else but I would rather not have hidden files installed into my private my documents folders without my knowledge and approval
thanks for your attention

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 10 Jul 2004

Don't know for sure, but would suggest they are simply files which store the thumbnail info so that when you browse to the folder they are available very quickly.

  Indigo 1 20:01 10 Jul 2004

is correct they will do no harm.

I have been using Canon Zoombrowser for over a year now and have not had any ill effects.

Apart from a lot of spam from the USA after registering the software (no need).

  kspatto 22:53 11 Jul 2004

thanks for that but I think they could have told you about them beforehand gave me a bit of a jolt finding hidden files in my folders ta for the info though patto

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