Canon XM1 Camcorder Driver needed

  Muslimat79 04:36 19 Apr 2003

Hi everyone, I've tried but to no result. I connected my Canon XM1 to my computer sometime it will be detected and on some occasion nothing will happen. I was wondering it might be driver problem, but I checked to Canon website and I couldn't find anything or anywhere I can download drivers for this product. Could anyone please suggest a place where I can download driver for Canon XM1 Digital Camcorder?

Thanks so much

  xalemo 08:19 19 Apr 2003

are you using firewire of capture card?
try re-installing these drivers, if firewire, uninstall and restart, let windows install its own.

  MichelleC 08:39 19 Apr 2003

Is your os xp by any chance?

  Muslimat79 01:39 28 Jul 2003


My os is xp pro and I have firewire installed on my computer.

  MichelleC 10:12 28 Jul 2003

You can try the xm2 driver click here but if xp doesn't support the dv cam it may be hassle ahead. With dv editing xp, me are the most problematical os's, with 98+, w2k being the most stable. Is it xp's own dv software which has probs detecting? If so may be worth investing in Pinnacle, Ulead or Sonic Foundry prog.

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