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Canon TS8150 Duplex printing problem

  compumac 12:20 09 Aug 2019

I have a Canon TS8150 printer and print regularly documents that are printed A4 on both sides using Duplex printing. In the past week or so it is evident that the reverse side of the sheet being printed misses out the first four or five lines of text, whereas the first side prints accurately.

For those not aware of Duplex printing the first page is printed and the A4 sheet of paper reverses back automatically into the printer and prints the next page. (Do not wish to be known as a know all and apologise).

Any thoughts as to why this has started to occur?

  Secret-Squirrel 15:25 11 Aug 2019

Despite the removal of the Canon TS8150 software on all of my desktops.......................

OK, but did you also delete the printers via Settings -> Devices -> Printers? That was all I wanted you to do.

  compumac 16:23 11 Aug 2019

Secret Squirrel

Thanks for input, and yes I had delete the printers via Settings -> Devices -> Printers.

Got Canon TS8250 up and running on all desktops satisfactorily.

Oddly enough just before I removed the TS8150 it did print some documents correctly but then threw a tantrum again.

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